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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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Blog Banner of Top 3 Face Recognition Attendance Machines in India With Prices (2022)

Top 3 Face Recognition Attendance Machines in India With Prices (2022)

Facial recognition technology has come a long way. Today, it is widely used in various real-world applications at airports, hospitals, and other public establishments. Even smartphones now utilize the security benefits of facial recognition to unlock mobile devices and verify mobile wallet transactions.

Post-Covid, face recognition attendance machines have also seen extensive adoption in corporates and small businesses. That’s because unlike most commonly used biometric attendance systems that use fingerprints, facial recognition attendance systems are hands-free. Touchless technology offers a host of benefits such as helping reduce the spread of viruses, preventing buddy punching, and letting staff sign into the system quickly and safely.

When choosing a face recognition attendance machine for your place of work, it is important to choose one that is reliable and value for money. And given the vast array of face attendance machines available in the market offering varied features, it can be daunting for any consumer.

As a company that has been in face recognition technology for close to a decade, we have been closely following the market. We narrowed it down to the top 3 face recognition attendance machines available in India in 2022.

Note – All prices are at the time of writing. Prices of machines may vary over time.



Matrix is among the highest-selling brands in the security and attendance system domain. Its COSEC ARGO FACE is an intelligent time and attendance face recognition machine that offers multiple credential options for workers to clock in. Available for around INR 28,000, Matrix COSEC ARGO FACE is a hardware-based time and attendance system that features face detection, adaptive face enrollment, and deep learning technology.

However, its heavy reliance on hardware limits its application in manufacturing and construction, where workers are remotely located.

2. eSSL AiFace-Venus Face Biometric Machine

eSSL AiFace-Venus Face Biometric Machine

Another quality face recognition attendance machine, the eSSL AiFace-Venus, uses an AI algorithm to offer direct sign-in for workers. The face biometric machine’s price is around INR 22,000. It offers several security features, such as an anti-spoofing algorithm against print attacks, video attacks, and 3D mask attacks. Some users, however, reported problems with its accuracy in dim light conditions.

3. Mantra BioFace-MSD1KW

Mantra BioFace-MSD1KW

Offered at a face attendance machine price of just INR 9500, the Mantra BioFace-MSD1KW is the most economical product. This low-cost facial recognition terminal is suitable for small businesses. It offers multimode biometric technology that supports several identification validation methods such as fingerprint, face capture, and RFID card.

Though the price of the Mantra BioFace-MSD1KW face recognition attendance machine is on the lower side, we found it lacking on the durability front and the material quality could be improved.

Who Should Use A Face Recognition Attendance Machine?

If you have a physical location that requires employees to punch in and punch out, then a face recognition attendance machine is a far better solution than a fingerprint attendance system.

Cons of Face Recognition Attendance Machine

In an era of hybrid work where employers are opening up to remote work with an increasing number of employees choosing to work from home, the purpose of a face recognition attendance machine can be negated in many ways. A face recognition attendance machine thus is a utility only if all your employees are working from a single location. Plus hardware setup and upkeep are also important.

If your machine doesn’t work or malfunctions, you can lose employee data till the time the issue is resolved.

Why A Hardwareless Solution Makes Sense?

While all the above-listed face recognition attendance machines deliver their capabilities, the problem is their overdependence on hardware.

A hardwareless solution is a far superior option as it can be deployed anywhere and expanded as the workforce grows without any extra investment.

Another benefit of hardwareless systems is their scalability. Without the hardware limitation, these face recognition attendance systems are virtually limitless. Depending on the software product you buy, it can be scaled to accommodate any number of workers. Additionally, with no hardware components, hardwareless time and attendance systems require minimal maintenance.

Introducing Truein: A hardwareless face recognition attendance system

Truein is a cloud-based face recognition attendance system that requires no installation of a physical face attendance machine. Watch video below

You can deploy Truein directly on a worker’s phone, and its geofencing capabilities ensure that employees are present on-site when checking in or checking out. Furthermore, it offers automatic report generation, mass worker data export, and 70+ customizable policies. Powered by artificial intelligence, it can also identify workers with face masks. 

Truein is not just an employee time and attendance system but a complete solution for overtime calculation, leave management, and payroll. It easily integrates with most payroll software, freeing managers from the tedious task of tracking and calculating work hours, including overtime. Sign up for free demo to explore the features of the tool.

Points To Consider While Buying A Face Attendance Machine

Face recognition attendance machines, while useful, are still limited in their capabilities. If you still plan to opt for a face attendance machine, our recommendation is to get a demo from the providers before you select one.

The ease of reporting in addition to machine accuracy should be the two most important criteria to look at while choosing a machine followed by pricing.

Read user reviews on the web, and ask companies if they can provide contacts of any clients who are currently using the machine to get their feedback. Purchasing a face attendance machine is often a one-time activity because changing machines can be cumbersome.

So make sure that you are spending sufficient time on research before ultimately selecting one.

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