How to set up location-wise public holidays?

Depending on the location of your branch office or worksite, you may have different public holidays.

For example, offices in Mumbai (Branch 1) may have a slightly different set of public holidays compared to offices in Chennai (Branch 2). You can set location-wise holidays from the Truein Web Dashboard.

You must first create a site (if it’s not already there) and then set up the public holidays for this site.

In Truein Web Dashboard: 

Step 1: Creating New Sites

Web Dashboard: Settings > Sites > Click “+” (Create new client site)

A new site is now created or added.

Next, enter the Site Name, Site Country code, Timezone, and Address.

Then, select ‘Add.’  Now, the new site will be visible.



Step 2: Setting up Site Wise or Location-Wise Public Holidays

Web Dashboard: Workforce Plan > Holidays Policy > Add Holiday > Enter Details > Click Add