How do we add and manage our contractor agencies?

You can add the details of your staffing or contractor agencies and keep track of KPIs automatically.

When you add a contractor agency, you need to select a site and the contractor’s name, contact number, email, etc. You also need to set the attendance limit. That is, you need to enter the maximum number of staff that a contractor can supply. This will ensure the contractor never exceeds the headcount.

You also need to upload relevant documents (Aadhar, PAN, etc.) and set the expiry date of these documents to ensure their timely renewals.

While adding staff, if you define the contractor agency it will give their supervisor the visibility of their contract workers’ attendance.

The steps to add and manage a contractor agency is given below:

In Truein Web Dashboard:

Web Dashboard: Settings > Admin > Contractor Agency > Add Contractor Agency > Enter Required Contractor Agency Details > Click Save