How to setup Kiosk devices for attendance?

Depending on the number of gates and entrances, you might have multiple kiosks for each location. The steps to set up a kiosk are as follows.

In Truein Web Dashboard:

Step 1: Create Activation Keys

Web Dashboard: Settings > Kiosk > Kiosk Settings > Click Add Kiosk > Add Kiosk Name and other required details > Click Add

If required, you can add more kiosks in the same way as explained.

When the kiosks are not in use, they can display branded messages of your company.



Step 2: Download Kiosk App

You will have to download the app ‘Truein Kiosk (NOT for Staff)’ from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.



Step 3: Enter the Activation Key and Login

You need to enter the activation key in both the Login Id and Password fields.