Everything You Need To Know About Digital Visitor Management System

A digital visitor management system is a software used to keep track and record of visitors who visit your workspaces, schools, or factories — making the process of visitor management paperless, efficient and secure.

Let’s look at the benefits and features of the digital visitor management system compared with the old paper-based visitor management process.

Fast processing

The old paper-based visitor management process is time-consuming and inefficient. The digital visitor management system makes the process of user registration quick and secure.

Fast Verification

In the old paper-based visitor management process, a person has to verify the government ID of the visitor manually — making the process slow. With a digital visitor management system, it is quick to scan and verify the government ID of the visitor, and it is also possible to take a picture of visitor and store it. This is not possible in the old-paper based visitor management process. 

Visitor Badge Printing

In the old paper-based visitor management process, a person has to verify the government ID of the visitor manually — making the process slow. With a digital visitor management system, it is quick to scan and verify the government ID of the visitor, and it is also possible to take a picture of visitor and store it. This is not possible in the old-paper based visitor management process. 

Efficient Reporting and tracking

Reporting and tracking both are a tedious task with the old paper-based process of visitor management. Even finding information like who is present at the premises, how many people visited in a week, and other relevant information is also a time-consuming process. But the same tasks of generating reports or real-time tracking can be done quickly within no time with a digital visitor management system.

Data Security

There is always a high probability of data damage or loss with a paper-based visitor management process, as the data has to be stored physically. Data sharing also becomes a complicated task as you need to make a copy of it and then only it can be shared. With a digital visitor management system, the probability of data loss or damage is lesser, and data sharing is also easy.


If we look at the initial investment, an old paper-based visitor management process may seem less costly compared to visitor management software. However, when we look at the long term investment, things change. Paper-based visitor management is more expensive as a lot of investment has to go into the safekeeping of records while a web-based visitor management system is very cost-efficient for your organization.

Truein – A Modern Visitor Management powered by AI is a top visitor management system provider. Check out our features page to know more about Truein’s feature.

In the end, we can conclude that a digital visitor management system will make the visitor management process quick, efficient and secure for your workplaces, schools, or factories. 

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Reinvent the greeting experience

In this Age of Instant, the journey of the customer begins in the foothill of the psyche. While a lot of facilities use the manual entry system that involves handwritten paper logs, this digital age has a lot more to offer. Digital technology has invaded our lives extensively. Today it is hard to imagine our lives without a mobile or the internet.

Customer’s first experience plays an imperative role in developing relationship with your brand. A bad first experience can cost a customer to the company.

The ongoing journey of digital transformation is resulting in constant changes in the business operations fundamentally then why are we leaving our front desk? why are we still dependent on paper logs and manual sign in? Do not let ugly registers welcome your customers anymore! Make a modern first impression and WOW your customers as you save their time with an automated visitor entry system. Handwritten paper logs can be easily seen by anyone and provide virtually no security whereas the automated system offers enhanced security and lets your visitors sign themselves in while you can efficiently utilize the front office resources to serve your customers in a better way.

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Securing your premises is more than stopping pilferage

Every company’s most important assets are always its technology, its experience, it’s brand value in the market. While most companies focus on making their brand a more valued one with their intel and their work, what also matters is the experience your visitors get when they are in your premises. And while most may think that this experience begins in the meeting rooms, it actually starts right from the time your visitors have to register themselves and their details to enter your building. Companies use the latest cutting-edge technology solutions to protect their data and take care of their computer and network security. But what about the safety of the premise? Unfortunately, companies are not doing too much to take care of this aspect. Having a key card or employee ID badge is just not enough. Here are five reasons why securing your premises using a visitor management system is extremely important, and it is much more than just stopping pilferage.

Safe Working Environment

While most visitors are pleasant throughout their visit, some could also be anti-social elements, unwanted visitors, people who overstay when there is no requirement. How do you know about the presence of such people? It is important to have a technologically advanced security system in place that lets you know when a visitor has overstayed. This will help you manage these people not just for their current visit but also alert your security when they visit the next time, so that they can be extra vigilant. 

Proxy Visitors

It is fair to assume that most of the visitors would give their correct details. But there could be some visitors who choose not to disclose their accurate information and could cause issues in your premise. A security system that scans the visitor’s government approved Identity Card is a very important requirement – required by most companies now. This also ensures that only authentic details are logged into your system and therefore their appointment going forward become a smooth experience for both you and your visitors. 

Centralised control and view for multiple locations

 For companies that have offices in multiple locations and who may have common visitors going to these different locations, why should the visitors need to register at every location? Isn’t it easier to work with a centralized system that keeps the record of visitors at a central location and does not need the visitors to register with their details again? This ensures a smooth and pleasant visitor experience 

Seamless Visitor Registration

Most visitors waste a lot of their time registering themselves, eventually proving as a waste of your time too since the meetings get pushed further while you wait for them to clear all security checks. However, with the modern-day security solutions that are powered by AI, you can now pre-invite your visitors, thus helping them register in advance – saving you and them a lot of time 

A visitor’s feedback for your company is as valuable as his association with it. Therefore, a security system that also gets their feedback once they exit and automatically sends them a ‘thank you for your visit’ email works very well in giving them a lasting impression. A company that stays with its visitors from the time they visit and even after they exit – is sure to stay on the visitor’s mind for a while. 

Securing your assets is a huge role that security systems play. But at the same time, it is also important to have a smart security system in place that lets you manage visitors seamlessly, in a hassle-free manner, and helps you create a delightful experience for the visitors. While stopping pilferage was one of the major reasons why companies started installing these systems, it has now become much more than that. If your visitor management system is technologically advanced and modern, it helps you save on your costs, time and effort and therefore, helps you focus on the other bigger things. We at Truein, create the first line of defense for your company at the entry, helping you boost efficiency and deliver better guest experiences. Get in touch for an end-to-end solution on entry management.

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