Truein – Tablet based Attendance System

Attendance is a compulsory requirement for every organization. Maintaining attendance register daily is a difficult and time-consuming task. As it is known that primary identification for any human is its face, face recognition provides an accurate system which overcomes the ambiguities like fake attendance, high cost, and time consumption. This system uses face recognizer library for facial recognition and storing attendance. The absentee’s supervisor is informed through email regarding the absence of their employees. Features like large data storage and fast computing through less hardware cost are now the need of the hour.

Prep up for Unlock 1.0 with Truein’s Touchless Technology!

India is about to make a staggering lockdown exit with Unlock 1.0, there are few rules that have to be kept in mind for safer work conditions. Offices can be the hotbeds for the growth and spread of viruses in general, infecting many in a short span of time. Social distancing and sanitising are still of utmost importance, even after the exit. Offices are now allowed to reopen from the 8th of June with 10% workforce. Here are two questions, will employees feel safe to use the biometric attendance system? Will the HR administrate be able to register attendance annually all the time?

Restart your business safer with Truein!

According to 34 thought leaders, “Coronavirus will change the world permanently.” Honestly, yes the industrial world is already changing rapidly. While the whole world is thinking of shifting their manufacturing units to India, some of the businesses are still figuring out the next move. The pandemic situation is affecting the businesses who are looking out for relief in terms of sales and operations.

Why Do You Need a Visitor Management System for Your School?

educational aspects, it is challenging to take care of the safety of students. The main reason behind it is, a lot of people visit the school daily, may it be parents, guardians, or visitors. The old paper-based visitor recording makes things even more challenging. However, utilizing a visitor management system for school, this task can be simplified and streamlined.

Reasons Why You Need A Visitor Management System For Your Factory

A manufacturing factory is a place where managing security is a challenging task. It becomes even more challenging for the administration if they use a paper-based visitor management process. Daily, a lot of people walk into a factory – contractors, temporary employees, permanent employees, visitors. To track who is currently present in the factory, or to identify who is who and to allow them only in the areas which they are supposed to be is complicated.

Everything you need to know about a Visitor Management System

Operating an office is a tedious task. The administration officials have to take care of many things to run it smoothly. Security is one of them. As many people visit an office space on regular intervals, handling security becomes a complicated task. This is where the visitor management system for office helps to manage the visitor management process at your office space.