Make your entrance COVID-19 ready. Touchless Face based entry for your Employees and Visitors

Contract Workers Attendance and Management
Face based Simple and Smart

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Key Features

Face-recognition based

100% accurate and Robust.

Compliances and rules

OT, PH, half-day, entry restrictions.

No Hardware required

Runs on a portable tablet.

Low capex

App based offering.

Admin app, anytime access

Web & Mobile App based for employee insights - current in/outs, late comers, trends and more.

Real-time Reports

Comprehensive and automated.

Add new employees in seconds

On the spot on the tablet.

Truein Visitor Management
OT and Shift timing auto-managed

Designed to manage working hours spanning across two days.


Vipin Joshi
Vipin Joshi Bitwise, AVP- Administration
We have been using the Truein System for a year now. It's a very user friendly system & can be customized as per our needs and we find it this as just a click away. The support of the service & technical team on all issues has been always very quick and excellent TAT. We are also effectively able to manage our contract staff attendance very effortlessly & it’s working fine!
Anant K.
Anant K Director, Xpertpack
We have been using Truein for 3 months now (as of Oct-2020) and it has helped us streamline our attendance and contractor operations in a big way.
1) We have close to 300 people spread across various locations. Geo tagging helps us see how many people are present and where in real time.
2) It has enabled us to cut manual attendance cards and automated calculation of Overtime, attendance and shifts. After giving up manual punching cards we have been able to replace manual data entry points (300 people x 30 days x 2 in-out) by a system that is fool-proof and accurate. Truein enables attendance... Read more!
Girish Nimbalkar
Girish Nimbalkar AGM HR, SJ Contracts
... As on date (Aug-2018) we are using Truein Attendance System at our 5 sites. We found that Truein is more user friendly and easy to use face recognition attendance. The required reports are also generated by the individual users irrespective of his location.
Truein Customer BHTC
Shrikaant Ghadgay Assistant Manager - HR, BHTC
We are very happy with Truein Attendance System. We get real time data which has greatly eased our work of monitoring & data maintenance and saved our time in many ways. Would specially like to highlight their prompt response for all our queries.
Keep it up and All the best Truein team!
Col Navchetan Singh (Retd)
Avinash Patil​ Manager-Operations, Embassy Group
We have been using Truein system at Elpro International Ltd in Pune. Very useful and user-friendly for Admin & Security team. Excellent support and quick response by Truein support team.
Manoj Patel
Manoj Patel Director, Suryakamal Group
Truein is a next generation system and a very proactive support team. We upgraded our system with them. Our team finds this very useful.
Truein Visitor

Truein Support - Fast and Friendly!

Our support team is available via various channels like dedicated phone hotline, email and chat. We strive to provide proactive support before even you reach out to us! We achieve this by our automated system-health-monitoring tools. We follow enterprise-grade support processes.

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