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Despite the Covid pandemic having made day to day life complicated, without doubt the Truein App played a huge role in making work attendance easy and safe for our employees in these tough times. Switching from a Thumb Biometric device to Truein Face based Attendance Software is definitely a huge advantage and has brought satisfaction to our 400+ employees who start each day with a "Selfie"!

Priyanka Garg

HR Manager - DIT University

Truein Customer - dit
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The COVID Pandemic situation made us switch to new normal in many ways and one of them was switching from Biometric attendance system to touchless attendance system. We enquired with many vendors and suppliers for such products and finally we opted for Truein - Touchless Face based attendance system for our Shindewadi plant. The system support, software and product all are inline with our needs and expectations.
Thank you Team Truein for the support and expecting similar experience in future.

Sandeep Deo

Sr. Manager HR Operations, Godrej Lawkim Motors

Truein Customer - Godrej
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We have been using the Truein System for a year now. It's a very user friendly system & can be customized as per our needs and we find it this as just a click away. The support of the service & technical team on all issues has been always very quick and excellent TAT. We are also effectively able to manage our contract staff attendance very effortlessly & it’s working fine!

Vipin Joshi

AVP-Administration, Bitwise

Truein Customer - Bitwise
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We have been using Truein for 3 months now (as of Oct-2020) and it has helped us streamline our attendance and contractor operations in a big way.
1) We have close to 300 people spread across various locations. Geo tagging helps us see how many people are present and where in real time.
2) It has enabled us to cut manual attendance cards and automated calculation of Overtime, attendance and shifts. After giving up manual punching cards we have been able to replace manual data entry points (300 people x 30 days x 2 in-out) by a system that is fool-proof and accurate. Truein enables attendance policies and rules, so manual interventions are down to zero.
3) The key to success for these tech solutions ultimately boils down to the support from the solution provider and this is where Truein team scores big. They have been with us at every step of the way. The team is accommodative, receptive and prompt.

I would highly recommend Truein!

Anant K

Director, Xpertpack

Truein Customer - Xpertpack
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We have been using Truein System at World Trade Center Mumbai since June 2019. It's working is excellent and user friendly user friendly. Our Security team is easily managing approx. 1000 footfall every day. The product is commendable & the Truein support staff is also very helpful.

Mahesh Babar

Senior Manager IT, WTC Mumbai

Truein Customer - Mahesh Babar
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It’s almost and a year now we are associated. We really appreciate the way you and your team response us related any query. We must say your team full with enthusiasm and knowledge on what they do.
We easily get the visitor record available. Process has become easier. We are happy with the Truein.

Smita Ringane

Senior Executive, Bristlecone

Truein Customer - Smita Ringane
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Truein has been a seamless implementation and user experience for us at Healthy Minds. We are effectively able to manage the attendance of all staff at our bakery. The report formats are easy to download and read. Truein team has also helped in identifying the necessary hardware (mobile device) to enable kiosk operation. I would highly recommend Truein!

Supreet Kaur

Director, Healthy Minds

Truein Customer - Supreet Kaur
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Using a face attendance system at construction sites was a big challenge. Team Truein calmly understood our requirement and provided required customization too. Truein is an excellent solution.
As on date (Aug-2018) we are using Truein attendance system at our 22 sites. We found that Truein is more user friendly and easy to use. The required reports are also generated by the individual users irrespective of his location.

Girish Nimbalkar

AGM HR, SJ Contracts

Truein Customer - Girish Nimbalkar
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It's been 8 months (since Dec’2018) since we started using Truein visitor management system at our Aurangabad cluster. The working of this app is very smooth and user friendly. Visitor entry has become hassle free post implementation since there is no paperwork, no manual signatures to be collected by the visitor. Most importantly this system is providing us intelligent dashboards , which were not available earlier. The dashboard gives us an overview of all the visitors present on campus on a real time basis. The time spent by visitor is also measured which is an important metric for us. People in the organization are finding this app very useful and easy to use. We look forward to more such services from Truein team.

Kshitij Godbole

Deputy Manager, Aurangabad Electricals Ltd

Truein Customer - Kshitij Godbole
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We get a lot of interest, curiosity and questions about the tab based Visitor Management System at NCL Innovation Park. Visitors get a welcome screen and a map to reach the person / building where they have a meeting. The dashboard shows the latest events and statistics. Our front desk is alerted every time visitors come in and leave. Cool!

Dr. V. Premnath

Director, NCL Innovation Park, Pune

Truein Customer - V. Premnath
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We have been using the Truein system at EFS & EIS for over a year now. Its a very user friendly system. The support of the team has been excellent. If used optimally, it is an excellent Visitor Management System.

Col Navchetan Singh (Retd)

Elpro International School

Truein Customer - Col. Navchetan Singh
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We have been using Truein system at Embassy Group. Very useful and user-friendly for Admin & Security team. Excellent support and quick response by Truein support team.

Avinash Patil

Manager-Operations, Embassy Group

Truein Customer - Avinash Patil
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We are very happy with Truein Attendance System. We get real time data which has greatly eased our work of monitoring & data maintenance and saved our time in many ways. Would specially like to highlight their prompt response for all our queries.

Shrikant Ghadgay

Assistant Manager - HR, BHTC

Truein Customer - Shrikant Ghadgay
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We are using Truein system since last one year. We found it very easy and user-friendly. It is one of the best option towards digitalisation. We really appreciate the Truein team for their timely guidance to perform this Visitor Management System very smoothly.

Pallavi Jadhav

HR, Auto Cluster Development & Research Institute

Truein Customer - Pallavi Jadhav
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Having Truein at the School entry point has been one of the very progressive moves. We are able to screen the entry with only legitimate visitors into the school. Moreover we are also able to get the database of all the visitors to the school. The Truein team is also highly proactive in supporting the school enhance its security system.

Jayshree Venkatraman

Principal, SNBP International School

Truein Customer - Jayashree Venkatraman
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Truein Visitor Management System is effective in managing daily visitors at the security entry points at our ASM -IBMR Campus. Also, it prohibits unauthorized entry in college making it safe and secure. Data entry is fast and simple because it automatically picks up information about visitors. Even it made us easy for bulk invitation with Google location to guest for our event and Faculties for meeting at our premises. The customized monthly reports are also helpful and gives us information like the total number of visitors at any given point of time, statistics on the number of visitors visiting per day / week / month / year etc. It also helps and tracks department / user wise visitors and also gets visitor's database for our records.

Suja Thomas


Truein Customer - Suja Thomas
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Truein is a next generation system and a very proactive support team. We upgraded our system with them. Our team finds this very useful.

Manoj Patel

Director, Suryakamal Group

Truein Customer - Manoj Patel
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We found that system is more user friendly and easy to use. Our Security and Admin team finds it very useful. Heartily thank you Truein team for the system.

Kishor Jadhav

Project Manager, Movetech Conveyors

Truein Customer - Kishor Jadhav
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