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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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8 Benefits Of Automated Time And Attendance Systems

Human resource management is one of the most resource-intensive operations of running a business. Managers at a company perform several tasks and activities, but one of the most tedious is time and attendance management. Many organizations still rely on manual mechanisms to record time and attendance without realizing the cost and redundancy such systems incur.

Manual attendance recording leads to many challenges. Manual time entry is time-consuming, but it is also ineffective and outdated. There is always a risk of human error, and employees can commit time theft easily.

Automated time and attendance systems help organizations improve the accuracy and efficacy of recordings.

An automated time and attendance system is a cloud-based or local-server-based app and web system that organizations use to record attendance. Automated attendance systems are of several kinds, such as biometric attendance systems, punching systems, and face recognition attendance systems. Let’s look at the benefits of automated time and attendance systems.

8 Benefits of automated time and attendance system

1. Improves productivity

Managers have to spend long, tedious hours keeping track of employees from when they check in till their shift gets over. It is a waste of time for them, and so by using an automated attendance system, they can utilize their time on strategies to improve productivity.

Such a system helps track, monitor, and update employee details on the payroll. In the absence of an automated time and attendance system, monitoring and recording time becomes a full-time job.

When managers are free from this repetitive administrative task, they can focus on formulating business strategies and improving decision-making. It brings efficiency and productivity into the teams and increases profits.

2. Dependable accuracy

Fewer errors and improved accuracy are essential benefits of automated time and attendance systems. According to a survey by Axsium Group, companies lose around $1,600 per employee every year due to human error in attendance management. Manual attendance systems can contribute to financial losses.

Cloud-based automated attendance systems like Truein can collect employee data in real-time accurately. Such time and attendance systems also provide all-in-one scheduling and overtime management services.

Also, the dependable accuracy of attendance apps ensures no over or under-payments. All employees are paid accurately for the hours they work.

3. It saves time and money

Automated attendance systems save time and improve productivity but also help keep costs. When managers have accurate data on overtime, leaves, and shifts, you pay employees for the hours that they have worked, not extra. Automated systems prevent time theft that additionally saves money.

Apart from these direct cost savings, automated attendance systems help find issues in shift management to improve productivity that boosts revenue. With automatic time and attendance recording, you save money in the short and long run.

4. HR can better handle shift management

Shift rostering is essential to maintain a 24/7 work schedule without causing employee burnout. Automated time and attendance systems allow scheduling, and managers can plan shifts based on analytics and reports to ensure there are no gaps in the availability of the employees.

Tracking the employees in real-time helps distribute work at peak hours more efficiently. It is also possible to notify employees about shift changes as soon as there is any change. It allows employees to plan their timing and prevents absences.

5. Improve employee satisfaction by preventing payroll errors

Compensation is a big motivator for employees. Any payroll error can lead to dissatisfaction among employees. For instance, it can be highly demotivating if the employees work overtime to help the company meet its production goals but do not get the money for hours outside the shifts.

Automated attendance systems help prevent such inaccuracies in payroll. Automatic time and attendance recording allow employers and employees to keep track of how many hours an employee is working, eliminating any scope for miscommunication or errors. 

Systems like Truein integrate with some of the most popular payroll software allowing companies to maintain a high level of employee satisfaction.

6. Designed for the contractual and distributed workforce

Companies with distributed teams and contractual workers can significantly benefit from the automated time and attendance systems. These systems allow segregation of employees based on the type of employment. Managers can include distributed and contractual workers’ policies within the system to let them know of overtime and payroll terms.

7. Better security than manual systems

Automated time and attendance systems contribute to the overall security of the workplace. You can integrate most of these systems seamlessly into existing payroll solutions. They aid identity time theft and other kinds of employee fraud. Such systems allow tracking of employees in real-time, enabling the deployment of security measures to prevent any suspicious activities.

Automated attendance systems use encryption to store all the employee data. This security feature prevents identity theft and helps protect both employees and customers. Employee identity compromise also puts customers at risk as cybercriminals can use the stolen identity to reach customers as employees and scam them.

8. Easier to manage as compared to a manual attendance system

Automated attendance systems are usually cloud-based, making them decentralized on the operation level however at the same time centralized for admin control and real-time view. It makes them lightweight to deploy. Installation is possible with a few clicks, and employees do not have to do a lot to mark attendance. 

Manual attendance systems require full-time attention to record time and attendance. Furthermore, there is no way to import or export data, making it more difficult to make payroll decisions. Any company not embracing modern attendance solutions risks its profits and productivity in the digital era.

Companies can free their managers from repetitive administrative tasks with automated time and attendance systems. It will allow human minds to focus on more critical tasks like strategy and positioning rather than recordkeeping.

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How can Truein help you with automating the time and attendance system?

Truein is a cloud-based and AI-powered touchless face recognition attendance system with all necessary features. It is an employee attendance management solution that companies can also use for shift scheduling. It allows companies to store all their timekeeping data in a cloud database, accessible to managers on any device.

Any business can benefit from Truein’s capabilities. Manage attendance, track payroll, overtime, and shifts using the powers of this modern-day attendance and schedule system.

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