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Contractual and Distributed workforce Time & Attendance has these age-old problems!
Find out how to solve them.
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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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Optimize Crew Management with Truein's Construction Employee Scheduling Software

Experience seamless scheduling, automated notifications, and real-time insights with Truein to optimize labor resources, eliminate scheduling headaches, and enhance overall productivity.

Efficient Workforce Management

Maximize manpower productivity and minimize downtime by efficiently scheduling your construction crew. Truein's construction staff scheduling software helps ensuring optimal resource allocation, making sure the right skills are available at the right time.

Images showing TimeSheet
Attendance Dashboard of Distributed Stores are Across Cities

Real-Time Visibility

Truein provides real-time visibility into shift assignments, enabling informed decision-making on the fly. Up-to-the-minute information keeps your projects on track, ensuring they are completed on time.

Automated Notifications and Reminders

Construction crew scheduling app ensures everyone is in the loop with automated alerts for shift assignments, shift changes, and Weekly off. Get notifications for Clock-in and out, Late marks, Regularization requests, and Time off requests.

Automated attendance policies and reports

Regulatory Compliance Assurance

Construction labor scheduling software ensures compliance with labor regulations. Truein automates the tracking of work hours, breaks, and overtime, reducing the risk of non-compliance and associated penalties.

Last Moment Schedule changes

Scheduling software for construction crews needs to be flexible to manage unpredictable site conditions. With Truein admins can easily change the shift schedule or enable shifts to get automatically allocated based on the In and Out time of the staff.

last moment schedule change

Planned vs Actual Time Spent on a Job

Truein not only simplifies construction employee scheduling but also helps you compare planned vs actual time spent on assigned jobs/projects, sites, shifts, staff categories, and even by attendance kiosks.

Automated Shift Policy

Truein’s construction crew scheduling software comes with multiple automated and customizable policies. Using it you can automate rules for Overtime, Eearly out, Late Entry, or Grace period based on in/out time etc.

Shift and Weekly Off Rostering
Assign Shift Policy

Assign Shift by Staff Categories

Simplify roster creation by quickly sorting staff members based on their categories and assigning them to the necessary jobs and shifts. No more struggling through a ton of staff data to find the right person.

Trusted by 500+ Customers

More than a Scheduling Software

Truein is not just a scheduling software but a complete Time and Attendance solution for Contractual and Distributed workforce. Truein automates the entire Time and attendance process to Increase workforce productivity and Plug revenue leakages.


Anywhere and Instant

Runs on Mobile/tablet devices. Comes with Geofencing.

centralized-4 (1)

Multi-Sites & Centralized

Real-time view of multiple sites. Get transparency and controls.

Different attendance reports

70+ Customizable Policies

Policies as per Location or Staff category. Shift, Overtime, late marks, and more.

Increase staff Productivity - 2

Payroll-ready Reports

Automated timesheets with final calculations for payroll processing.

Staff with truein dashboard and truein user app
100+ powerful features to improve workforce productivity

Bring Transparency and Control.
Explore Truein for your organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Truein is designed to meet the unique needs of the construction industry. It comes with multiple customizable policies and reports that you can adjust to fit your business requirements.

Truein can easily be integrated with any 3rd party or In-house software via the API. We have already integrated with QuickBooks, Sage, Xero, ADP, and Other major HRMS/Payroll software.

With Truein staff can easily apply for Time-off and vacation requests and view their status Using the Truien User app. There is also a provision for managers to apply for time off on behalf of the staff.

Managers can easily check the request and have the option to approve or reject the request. There is also the option for Multi-level approvals.

Yes, Truein provides 14 days Free Trial. During the trial, you receive complete access to all its features. This allows you to explore the product, and assess its impact on your business. No credit card is required for the trial.

Upon becoming a customer, your staff information and other account data remain intact, eliminating the need for re-entry.

Yes, we prioritize the highest level of data security for our customers and their staff. We follow Enterprise-grade Security protocols, infrastructure, and processes to ensure your data is thoroughly protected and safeguarded. Our infrastructure covers required compliance and periodic third-party audits.

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