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Moving from a thumb based attendance system to an AI based face recognition solution was made easy by the Truein team.

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Manager – Administration, 1mg

Frequently Asked Questions

Truein billing happens for active employees. Meaning, e.g. if you have purchased a license for 100
employees, the system will allow you to onboard 100 employees in the system. You may delete users
who leave the organization and add new joiners, keeping total numbers at 100 in this case.

Yes, you have flexibility to change your plan. The billing is done annually.
Any upgrades i.e. increase in number of employees or plan upgrade can be done any time. The new
billing will be prorated adjusted with the original cycle. Any downgrade can be done at the time of
renewal i.e. your annual cycle.

Truein billing happens on number users. It has no restriction on the number of attendance devices
(tablet or mobile). You may procure and deploy devices based on your requirements. Also, user app
access can be provided to all employees

Base price covers account set up, basic infra cost and unlimited customer support. Base price is billed
fixed annually per customer, irrespective of number of users, number of locations or number of
devices. It is billed along with per user license fee.

We provide upfront price locking for 2 years. From 3rd year, the price may increase with the mutual
discussion between Truein and customer.

Please visit truein.com/support. This covers product details and getting started guide.