Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Centralized and Robust
Distributed Workforce Management
With Time and Attendance Software

GPS Geofenced based attendance and timesheet solution for your field workers and distributed staff deployed at multiple remote sites.
 Truein brings in transparency and plugs revenue leakages.

Trusted by 500+ Customers

Mobile based attendnace

Instant and Anywhere

Mobile/Tablet based. Geofenced clock in from staff’s own mobile or a kiosk for your multiple sites.

centralised controls

Multi-sites and Centralized Controls

Real-time view of multiple sites. Get transparency and centralized controls for the admin, HR, supervisor, or management.

custom report

70+ Customizable Policies

Policies as per sites or staff categories. Shifts, Overtime, Late marks, Half days, Weekly off, and more. Auto-deactivation, blacklisting, and other features to ensure security.

Payroll-ready Reports

Automated timesheets with final calculations for payroll processing. Regularizations, Approval workflows with audit trails.

How Truein helped Distributed Staff Companies with Workforce Management?


Vishal Mega Mart, a retail chain, uses Truein to manage their 450+ locations centrally and maximize staff productivity.

450+ Sites
15000+ Staff

Vishal Mega Mart was using biometric machines and manual attendance processes in their stores. This led to mismanagement of attendance data, irregularities, and a lack of transparency. One of their main challenges was frequent staff transfers across their stores, which made attendance tracking cumbersome. They were looking for a centralized attendance system.

Truein offered multi-site access and simplified the staff transfer process. The staff could easily mark attendance at geofenced stores using the Truein User App on their mobiles. Centralized controls enabled easy tracking of staff at any of their stores. 

Truein’s solution led to greater transparency and helped plug attendance-related leakages across the organization.

The Truein team ensured seamless implementation and integration of Truein for our large, diverse workforce spread across India. I highly recommend Truein for any large distributed workforce requiring a robust and reliable system to manage its time and attendance processes.

Ashish Banga


Vishal Megamart

Ashish Banga

Bring Transparency and Control.
Explore Truein for your organization.

Capture and track the time & attendance of your distributed workforce, whether on the field or
at any of your worksites. Stay in control with Truein's centralized dashboard.

Centralized Controls to Track Distributed Staff at Multiple Sites

Centralized view enables tracking of your distributed and roaming staff. Know where all your staff are - right from your phone. Get a real-time view of attendance status and history, download reports, manage staff directories, and more from the web dashboard or mobile app.

Images showing TimeSheet

Instant Setup at any Location/Site

New sites coming up often? Or have multiple sites? Truein is portable, lean, and scalable. It offers attendance through an app, so no more spending on hardware.
Fix the mobile device on a flexible stand and move it to any location. Your staff can onboard or clock in with a selfie using their mobile or a staff mobile or through a kiosk.

Selfie Clock-in with Facial Recognition

Truein's AI-powered facial recognition feature offers practically 100% accurate clock ins. Helps to eliminate buddy punching by your roaming or field staff. The feature works with face masks or changes in facial attributes like a beard, a new hairstyle, or even with spectacles.

Accurate Attendance Capture
Attendance Dashboard of Distributed Stores are Across Cities

Clock In/Out at Multiple Locations

With Truein's GPS Geofenced based attendance solution, roaming or field staff can mark attendance at one or more approved locations. Multiple locations are traceable with time and location stamps.
Geofencing ensures the staff clocks in only at specific locations and not when they are out of range. Centralized dashboard offers a real-time view of the clock-ins and the staff’s work location.

Easily Manage Staff Transfers to Multiple Sites

Simply change the base site to transfer the staff. System auto-assigns policies and configurations to the staff as per their new site. You can always change their access or policies. If needed, you can provide access to multiple sites to a particular staff member.

Frequent Transfer of Staff Across Stores

Multiple Self-Serve Features to Empower Your Staff

The mobile app enables your staff to regularize their time & attendance, view their leave history, apply for time off, check their leave status, view the shift allocated, and more from any location. You can also approve leaves from the app and check which of your other team members are on leave.

No Internet or Poor Connectivity? Truein Tracks Time Offline Too

Staff can clock In/Out with or without the internet, and you can continue tracking their attendance. Face recognition and GPS tracking also work without the internet. No more buddy punching or time theft in the offline mode. Truein automatically syncs data once the internet is back.

employee can take attendance in offline mode
Sourcing Staff from Multiple Agencies

Pay-Roll Ready Reports

Truein seamlessly integrates with any 3rd party HR/payroll software. Detailed time and attendance reports and analytics make managing payroll easy. Error-free final payroll-ready reports eliminate the need for reconciliation and the creation of manual attendance reports. Get daily and monthly reports directly from the app in a format of your choice.

Customizable Policies to Save Valuable HR Hours

With Truein, you can customize over 70+ attendance policies as per your site and staff category. Assign shifts automatically, set late marks, half day, and shift timings, calculate overtime, and track your staff with real-time reports. No more manual tracking and calculations.

Realtime Dashboard and Payroll-Ready Report

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Truein is extremely easy to set up in any location and is scalable. The app can be easily installed on a tablet or mobile. The staff can mark attendance using their mobile or from a dedicated kiosk. 

No upfront hardware costs are involved, and no maintenance of custom hardware is needed.

Truein is a complete attendance and timesheet solution for companies with staff distributed across their sites/offices and for field staff who need to visit multiple clients. It is an ideal solution for staff who are frequently transferred to other branches or need to visit other sites or branches of their company for inspection, maintenance work, etc.

Truein time and attendance solution is ideal for retail stores, facility management companies, supply chain and logistics companies, and more.

Yes, Truein offers multiple reports and analytics. You can generate daily or monthly attendance reports and view reports of multiple sites on the dashboard.

Additionally, Truein offers various report formats, and you can even customize these formats. EOD summary via SMS is another feature of Truein.

Yes, you can geofence multiple sites. You can set up geofencing in multiple locations individually for each staff member (One by one) or in bulk (bulk assign).

Yes, you can customize the leave policies and holidays for different sites. You can also customize leave policies as per staff categories.

Truein, in addition to providing centralized controls, instant time tracking, and customizable policies, also offers the following features:

  • Self-Onboarding
  • No Proxy Punch
  • Staff Directory
  • Govt. ID Capture
  • Leave Management
  • Job Mapping
  • Admin or Supervisor view

Companies with contractual staff have saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by switching to new age Face recognition Time & Attendance.
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