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Contractual and Distributed workforce Time & Attendance has these age-old problems!
Find out how to solve them.
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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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Centralized and Robust Attendance and Timesheet Solution with Job Time Tracker for your Contractual and Distributed Workforce

Get Truein to track time spent on individual jobs, schedule who works on what, and maximize time spent on high-value projects

Track Time by Multiple Jobs/Projects

With Truein, you can track time by multiple jobs/projects, sites, shifts, staff categories, and even by attendance kiosks. Gives you a clear picture of where exactly the hours are being logged in.

Lodation view of attendance taken by the staff
shift scheduling for entire organization or for each employee

Know what each staff is Working On

Truein enables you to tag time against jobs or projects during attendance capturing. Know what job, activity, or client your staff is working on. Real-time dashboards give you the latest update.

Multiple Customizable Policies

Truein offers you multiple job/project level custom policies to enable correct shift/site/staff category/kiosk attendance mapping. You can limit the maximum time that can be spent on a project daily, set the expiry date of a project, and much more.

Realtime Dashboard and Payroll-Ready Report
Attendance Dashboard of Distributed Stores are Across Cities

Make Informed Business Decisions

Detailed information obtained from the job time tracking dashboards help you make the right business decisions. You can forecast project progress and track project profitability.

Link Projects with Attendance Report Retrospectively

Truein enables staff to edit their attendance and link it with multiple projects. You/Admin has the option to enable this policy for specific projects or all projects.

Approve/reject overtime requests from supervisors or managers

Approval Workflow for Attendance Marked against Projects

You can set admin approval or auto approval of manual project updates by your staff.

Job/Project Level Analytics & Reports

Get detailed job or project-level analytics and reports to help you plan your budget, manage payrolls, and more. Obtain information on daily time spent by the staff on a project, get planned versus actual time spent on a project, and more.

Sourcing Staff from Multiple Agencies

That's not all! Truein offers much more!


Real-Time Notifications

Automatic Updates


Clock In reminders

Overtime Calculation Policies

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Web dashboard

Superfast Onboarding

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