Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Cleaning & Janitorial Staff Time and Attendance Software

Time & attendance tracking, employee scheduling and job tracking system for janitorial & cleaning businesses

Trusted by 500+ Customers

Mobile based attendnace

Instant and Anywhere

Runs on Mobile/Tablet. Face and geofenced clock in from staff’s own mobile or through a kiosk at the customer site.

centralised controls

Multi-sites and Centralized Controls

Real-time view of multiple client sites. Get transparency and centralized controls for the HR, admin, or supervisor.

custom report

70+ Customizable Policies

Policies as per location or staff categories. Automated Shift rostering, Weekly off, Overtime, Break time, Late marks, and more.

Automated Payroll-ready Reports

Automated timesheets with final calculations for payroll processing. Regularizations, Approval workflows with audit trails.

How Truein helped Companies with Janitorial/Cleaning Staff


Truein streamlined Compass Group’s time & attendance processes and increased transparency internally across multiple layers and with their customers.

744 Sites
23,000 Staff

One major challenge the Compass Group faced was attendance tracking of their staff working for multiple clients on the same work premises. Another challenge was frequent staff transfers. They were looking for accuracy in attendance capturing and centralized controls for their staff at multiple sites.

Truein streamlined their attendance processes. A single capturing device for staff working at multiple clients in the same premises bought transparency. Truein also simplified their staff transfer process. The foolproof attendance system helped prevent revenue leakages and shift planning improved staff productivity. Truein also offered them multiple-level hierarchy for attendance access at different levels.

Truein is robust, reliable, and works as promised. The team is very customer focused, responsive, and always willing to help. I have implemented Truein in my previous and current companies. They have the best and most cost-effective solution.

Piyush Dutt


Compass Group

Piyush Dutt

Don't let manual timesheets hold you back!
Choose Truein for Accurate and Automated
time tracking
for your business.

Designed with Cleaning & Janitorial services companies in mind.

Prevent Buddy Punching

Say no to buddy punching with face recognition and GPS Geofenced based clock-in. Ensure each clock-in and clock-out is genuine and accurate, effectively eliminating costly time fraud in janitorial time tracking.

Prevent buddy punching with face recognition and GPS tracking
Track breaktime hours with Truein

Precise Job Time Tracking

Effortlessly track the time your cleaning and janitorial staff spend on specific tasks and jobs using our advanced janitorial time tracking software. Gain valuable insights into productivity, optimize staff allocation, and improve overall operational efficiency.

Eliminate off-site clock-ins

By enabling geofence in Truein janitorial time tracking app, staff can only clock in and out from the pre-assigned geofenced location. This ensures your cleaning/janitorial staff are present at your customer site and accurately compensated for their work.

Attendance dashboard - clock in and clock out
Multi location attendance dashboard

Manage Last moment Schedule Changes

Ensure that your cleaning and janitorial staff are always where they're needed most. Adapt swiftly to last-minute changes in Site visits or Jobs on a day. Optimize your workforce allocation, and keep your operations running smoothly, no matter what changes the day brings.

Centralized Janitorial Reporting Software

With Truein’s janitorial timekeeping software, gain complete oversight of your cleaning/janitorial staff's status from multiple sites in real-time. Truein’s janitorial reporting software helps you keep track of their locations, Jobs, and clock-in/out statuses all from one centralized dashboard and make informed decisions on the go.

Monitor your cleaning staff from multiple sites in real-time
Track in-and-out time and time spent on each task of your cleaning/janitorial staff

Track Multiple Job-sites visit on the same day

Effortlessly track the time your cleaning/janitorial staff spends on multiple site visits in a day. Easily track and analyze work hours across various customer sites, enhancing your ability to manage resources and ensure accurate compensation for each site visit.

Simplify Job & Shift Scheduling

Easily create shift schedules, assign Jobs, and optimize staff allocation with the janitorial scheduling feature in Truein's timekeeping software. Ensure that the right staff is in the right place at the right time, enhancing overall productivity and service quality.

Set custom policies to create shift schedules & assign Jobs
Record In-time and Out-time on Truein dashboard

Comprehensive Time Off and Absence Management

Truein goes beyond traditional janitorial timekeeping, offering a comprehensive Time Off and Absence Management system. Staff can request hourly, full or half-day time off via their mobile or managers can do it on their behalf, it also offers customizable policies and calendars for different sites, regions, and staff categories.

Mobile Time Tracking for Cleaning Services

Simplify time tracking for your cleaning crew with Truein's user-friendly app. Enable seamless clock-ins and outs, supported by face recognition and GPS Geofencing for precise job and site tracking. Let your crew effortlessly manage their attendance, apply for leaves, make time corrections, check schedules, and receive timely notifications—all from the convenience of their smartphones.

Record attendance of cleaning crew with facial recognition feature
Integrate Truein time clock software with your payroll software

Integration with Janitorial Payroll Software

Irrespective of the HRMS or janitorial payroll software implemented in your organization, it can easily integrate with Truein, ensuring precise time calculations and generating error-free payroll reports. Comprehensive time and attendance reports, along with analytics, simplify payroll management. Get daily and monthly attendance reports directly in your preferred format.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Truein can be easily integrated with any 3rd party HR/payroll software via API integration.

Yes, Truein is extremely easy to set up in any location and is scalable. The app can be easily installed on a tablet or mobile. The staff can mark attendance using their mobile or from a dedicated kiosk. 


No upfront hardware costs are involved, and no maintenance of custom hardware is needed.

Yes, Staff can easily be transferred from one site to another. After a staff member is transferred, all you need to do is reassign their manager and set access to the sites that the staff is permitted.

Truein provides 70+ policies that can be tailored to your specific needs. These policies cover various aspects such as attendance, break times, overtime, weekly holidays, regulatory compliance, time tracking, and more.

Truein is a time and attendance solution designed specifically for contractual and distributed workforce. Truein offers solutions to manage onboarding documentation, policies, and more on the contractor level. In addition, you can also give required access to your contractor managers.

The contract workers or staff can onboard themselves with a single selfie, which is a huge relief, especially when workers change daily. 

As Truein is app-based and runs on mobile/tablet devices, onboarding can be instantly done at any customer site. 

Companies with contractual staff have saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by switching to new age Face recognition Time & Attendance.
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