Centralized and Robust Time & Attendance Solution
for a Contractual Workforce

Face recognition based workforce time clock designed for your contractual staff. 
Truein brings in transparency and plugs revenue leakages.

Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Mobile based attendnace

Instant and Anywhere

Mobile/Tablet based. Geofenced clock in from staff’s own mobile or a kiosk.

centralised controls

Multi-sites and Centralized Controls

Real-time view of multiple sites. Get transparency and centralized controls for the admin, HR, or supervisor.

custom report

70+ Customizable Policies

Policies as per sites or staff categories. Shifts, Overtime, Late marks, Staff breaks, and more. Auto-deactivation, blacklisting, and other features to ensure security.

Payroll-ready Reports

Automated timesheets with final calculations for payroll processing. Regularizations, Approval workflows with audit trails.

How Truein helped Contractual Staff Companies


Unispice used Truein's time & attendance solution to prevent reconciliation issues and revenue leakages.

5 Sites
2000+ Staff

Unispice had a completely manual time & attendance process for their farm workers. The workers get transferred from one farm to another daily, and managing their headcounts was cumbersome. Most of their staff are sourced from contract agencies and keep changing frequently. Tracking these agencies and workers from these agencies was challenging. The onboarding of staff and collecting their domicile details was a time-consuming process.

Truein offered them attendance capturing through the kiosk. It was accurate and automated and offered centralized controls for time & attendance management, which brought about transparency.
Truein also simplified the onboarding and transfer process, offered staff addition through the kiosk, easy integration with their existing ERP and payroll, and more.

Truein has strengthened the quality and accuracy of our Time & Attendance process. It has helped to ensure compliances and generate trust among end-users. Excellent product!

Henry Carrillo

Farm Administrator


Henry Carrillor

Bring Transparency and Control.
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Truein makes it incredibly easy to onboard, manage contractor agencies, and
accurately capture and track your contractual workforce time & attendance.

Quick Onboarding for your Ever-Changing Staff

Frequent or last-moment onboardings? Truein can add new staff instantly. The staff can onboard by showing their face on the kiosk or with a selfie using their mobile. Govt. ID capture feature enables the quick capture of a staff's info from a valid government ID card. Saves HR effort and time, especially with a frequently changing staff.

employee using fast on boarding
Construction Worker taking attendance and approved his attendance

No More Buddy Punching with Facial Recognition

Truein's AI-powered facial recognition feature offers practically 100% accurate clock in and eliminates instances of buddy punching.

Geofencing Technology for Clock In/Out at Multiple Locations

Truein's geofencing technology enables your staff to clock in from one or more approved locations. Multiple locations are traceable with time and location stamps. Geofencing ensures the staff clocks In/Out only at permitted locations and not when they are out of range.

Frequent Transfer of Staff Across Stores
Shift and Weekly Off Rostering

Easy Shift Management for your Contractual Staff Working 24/7

Truein helps to plan the shift roaster optimally. Allocate shifts for your staff bulk-wise or individually. Efficiently manage weekly varying shift schedules and changes in the number of staff members in each shift. Option for automatic allocation of shifts based on the in and out time.

Contractor Agencies Management

Sourcing contractual staff from multiple agencies? Truein makes the process smooth and seamless. The contractor-level limit feature allows you to specify the number of staff who can be sourced from an agency, preventing additional billing. Contractors can onboard the staff at their end and manage staff documentation, policies, and more. Contract agency supervisors can also be given access for their staff.

Contractor Agencies with Company and Attendance details
Realtime Dashboard and Payroll-Ready Report

Multiple Customizable Policies

Truein allows you to customize break time, late marks, overtime policies, leave policies, and more based on your requirements. There are over 70+ policies to help you track time and attendance accurately. You don’t have to spend hours in reconciliation every month end.

Pay-Roll Ready Reports

Truein seamlessly integrates with any 3rd party HR/payroll software. Detailed time and attendance reports and analytics make managing payroll easy. Error-free final payroll-ready reports eliminate the need for reconciliation. Get daily, and monthly attendance reports directly in a format of your choice.

Attendance Policies, Automated OT Calculations

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Truein is very much easy for them to use. Truein is designed keeping in mind a lower-skilled workforce.

Truein is robust and foolproof and uses advanced face recognition technology. Staff can easily take attendance by showing their face on the kiosk app.

Yes, Truein is extremely easy to set up in any location and is scalable. The app can be easily installed on a tablet or mobile. The staff can mark attendance using their mobile or from a dedicated kiosk. 

No upfront hardware costs are involved, and no maintenance of custom hardware is needed.

Truein is a complete attendance and timesheet solution for companies employing contractual staff or temporary workers. Face recognition based attendance, instant onboarding, easy shift scheduling, contractor agency management, accurate OT calculations, etc., makes Truein ideal for a contractual workforce.

Yes, the site-level limit feature controls the number of staff who can report or check in at a particular site on a given day. You can easily manage the daily changes in the number of staff required at a specific site.

Yes, you can track your staff spread at multiple locations. You can get a real-time view of their attendance status. You can also view the staff attendance history, manage staff directories, download reports, and more from the web dashboard or mobile app. 

Yes, Truein offers multiple reports and analytics. You can generate daily or monthly attendance reports and view reports of multiple sites on the dashboard.

Additionally, Truein offers various report formats, and you can even customize these formats. EOD summary via SMS is another feature of Truein.

Yes, Truein offers a feature called 'Blacklist' to track blacklisted staff and prevent them from rejoining. 

When a staff reports to a site, the system will cross-check with the information in the database, and in case the staff was blacklisted by the company previously, the system will convey the same.

Yes, staff can be given access to multiple sites or work locations.

Truein, in addition to providing quick onboarding, instant time tracking, and customizable policies, also offer the following features:

  • Staff Directory
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Job Mapping
  • Admin or Supervisor view
  • Offline Mode with Auto Sync
  • Attendance Audits

Companies with contractual staff have saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by switching to new age Face recognition Time & Attendance.
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