Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Time and Attendance Solution
for Contractual and Distributed workforce

Truein Pricing Plans


$ 2 /user/month (billed annually) $24 Billed Annually

up to 100 users

+ $20 /month (base price) (billed annually) $240 Base Price The base price is a fixed fee charged per customer, regardless of the number of users or locations. It covers essential services and includes standard support.


up to 1000 users

$ 3 /user/month (billed annually) $30 Billed Annually
+ $20 /month (base price) (billed annually) $240 Base Price The base price is a fixed fee charged per customer, regardless of the number of users or locations. It covers essential services and includes standard support.


More than 2000 staff?
More than 1000 staff?
Everything in Premium +

₹ 5,900 per year


₹ 230 per user/year

₹ 1,475 per quarter


₹ 57.5 per user/per quarter

$ 20.18 per quarter


$ 0.78 per user/per quarter

40% off

Lite Plan

Up to 90 users

up to 100 users

Key Features

up to 100 users

Features Standard Premium Enterprise
Time Tracking
Face recognition based Clock In / Clock Out
Mobile App (Android, iOS) Grant Truein app access to your staff selectively for a seamless selfie based Clock in / Clock out. Role based access for staff, managers, admins and more.
Kiosk App (Android, iOS) Set up common device for Time tracking of staff. Multiple kiosks can be set up on each location.
Touchless Kiosk mode
Allow Clock in / Clock out from each others mobile -
Offline mode If internet connection is not available, time entries will still be recorded with face and geolocation in the device and synced automatically to server once connection is restored
Clock In/Out access on multiple kiosks/locations
Time clocking Reminders Stay on track with scheduled reminders for Clock In/ Clock Out, ensuring you never miss recording your work hours
Face spoofing alerts Get admin alerts when any attempts to clock in/out using a photo or video. Spoofing attempts will result in immediate staff deactivation and invalidation of the attempted clock-in
Mobile App access control Admins can selectively restrict staff-level access to specific app features like Clock In, Time Correction Requests, Viewing Past Worked Hours etc
Breaktime tracking
Automatic Breaktime deductions Setup policy to deduct break automatically from worked hours if staff is not required to clock breaks in timesheet. You can apply this for a selected group of staff.
Custom Break Types (coming soon) Categorize your breaks like meal breaks, rest break etc as per your work scheduled and preferences  -
Activity Punch for field visit tracking  -
Multiple In-out tracking  -
Clock in / Clock out questions (coming soon)  -
Contract workers and Field staff use case
GPS Geofencing
Geofenced Clock In / Clock Out on staff level Restrict staff from clocking in and out only in authorized locations
Geo tagging with each Time entry
Advanced Geofencing policies E.g. Day-wise location restriction Customize geofencing policies based on specific days, configure strict/lenient geofencing (deny/allow with alerts for out-of-location clock-ins). Tailor geofencing to apply on clock in, clock out, or both as needed -
Geofenced Kiosks (for your remote sites) Setup common kiosk device on remote sites or supervisor's mobile for staff to Clock in / Clock out with geofencing -
Allow users to request new Clock-in location
Staff Management
Staff Information Management
Staff Documents upload
Add/Edit/Deactivate staff - Individually and in Bulk Both from web and mobile
Add new staff from Kiosk app Seamlessly enable designated Kiosks to add new staff, with admin controls to enable/disable access via settings
Transfer staff to another site
Face registration using Mobile app Empower staff to easily register their faces using the mobile app, offering convenient access for self-registration or through a designated kiosk.
Admin operations from both Web and Mobile app Empower admins with comprehensive control through the Truein Mobile App. Effortlessly view staff clock-ins, approve time corrections, manage schedules, add staff, and more on-the-go.
Contractor Agency use case
Contractor agency details management
Contractor level policies E.g. Daily Clock in limits
Contractor specific Pay Rates Define daily or hourly pay rates tailored to each contract agency, providing flexibility and accuracy in managing compensation -
Policies and Compliances
Overtime rules and calculations
70+ Customizable Policies E.g. Late mark, half day etc
Time Adjustments and Corrections
Audit Logs for important data changes
Multiple Timezone support
Timesheet Approval and Sign Off
Admin alerts on non-compliance
Broadcast messages (coming soon) Admins can send targeted messages to entire company, speicific roles or designated staff categories for seamless communication and updates. -
Shift Scheduling
Bulk and Indvidual level scheduling
Shift Policies E.g. Grace period, Auto-assign Shifts
Scheduler on Mobile and Web
Notify Staff for schedule changes
Jobs Scheduling
Jobs/Project Tracking Create jobs to track where staff spends their time
Bulk and Individual level scheduling
Job level policies E.g. Auto expire date, man days limit
Job restrictions on Kiosk level Show specific jobs on selected kiosks
Reports and Analytics
Timesheets - Daily/Weekly/Biweekly/Monthly
Multiple Report formats
Analytics and Insights
Daily Timesheet report in Email Get daily attendance summaries with downloadable reports sent to your email at your scheduled time
Timesheet Sign off (coming soon) Review and signoff pay period timesheets of staff, with option to reopen signedoff timesheets -
Account Administration
Multiple Roles: Admin, Sub-Admin, Manager etc
Custom Roles - -
Multi site setup with centralized control
Kiosk access control from Web/Mobile
Multiple Date formats
Alerts & Notification on Email, SMS, App Configure email and mobile app notifications for schedule changes, time-off requests, break reminders, and more. Keep your staff informed about published or updated schedules in real-time
Pay Rate structure Define staff pay rates (hourly/daily rates) to generate timesheet reports with automated calculations.Set rates for a group of staff or at contractor agency level -
Time off (Leave) Management
Holiday Calendar
Employee self service on mobile app
Advanced Time off policies E.g. Comp off, Carry forward etc Setup leave hours/days that staff can earn based on company's policy
Multi-level Time off Approvals
Weekly Off scheduler and rules
Customer support, updates
Email Support
Phone Support
Chat Support (AI powered) -
API and Integrations -
24*5 Support - -
SSO Integration - -
Custom Integrations - -
Enterprise Account Manager - -

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Frequently Asked Questions

During Truein's free trial, you receive complete access to all its features for 14 days. This allows you to explore the product, and assess its impact on your business. No credit card is required for the trial.

Upon becoming a customer, your staff information and other account data remain intact, eliminating the need for re-entry.

Truein provides fast and friendly support through multiple channels, including phone, chat, email, or log a ticket. Moreover, we offer training videos, user guides, and FAQs for convenient self-service support.

Any employee, manager, contract worker, or admin who uses Truein for time tracking will counted as an active user

The base price is a fixed fee charged per customer, regardless of the number of users or locations. It covers essential services and includes standard support.

Truein billing happens for active staff. You may delete users who leave the organization and add new joiners. You may also keep deactivated staff lying in the portal; they are counted as billable users only if their status changed to ‘active’.

Absolutely! Truein's billing is based on the number of users, not on the number of attendance devices or locations. You are free to deploy as many tablets or mobiles as needed. Additionally, all employees can install the Truein user app on their own mobile.

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