Advanced biometric face recognition system for practically 100% accuracy

We are driven by innovation, a secure & scalable technology without the need for a biometric face attendance machine.

Pioneering biometric face-recognition technology

Onboard with only 1 picture

Face onboarding with just 1 picture

Auto low light correction

Low light correction

Uses AI to rectify aging effect

Aging effect rectification

Mark attendance from face

Face to right-service match

Attendance use case fine tuning

Group face detection

Group face detection in one picture

Face recognition with Mask

Staff onboarding himself by using kiosk app
Accuracy Results
100%When no mask
97% When mask pulled down below nose
85%When mask covering upto nose tip
67% When mask covering higher on the nose
* 5370 test runs with mask so far * Without mask face recognition entry - over 7 million so far

Powerful card scanning technology

Truein’s proprietary Truescan technology has eliminated the need for manual entries or syncs with a practically 100% reliable scanning of Government ID.

Scan card to register employee details

Bringing you the best of technology

Truein Solution







Truein face technology layer

Face onboarding
with just 1 picture

Low light Correction
Aging effect rectification
Face to right-service match (based on demography & ethnicity)

Attendance use case fine tuning

Core face recognition services

FR Service 1
FR Service 2
FR Service 3

Truein product platform


OCR & Parsing algo
Face recognition
Cloud & Mobile

Platform focus


Bringing you the best of technology

truein face attendance

Bringing you the best of technology

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