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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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Tata 1mg Company Testimonial Cover Image

Srinivas G

Sr. HR Manager, Tata 1mg

We have been using Truein since July 2020. Moving from a thumb based attendance system to an AI based face recognition solution was made easy by the Truein team.The onboarding was pretty simple and the entire organization went live in a day or two. The product is easy to use and quite intuitive. It has good out-of-box customization options. Truein is feature-rich and robust solution. We have about 2000 staff at 14 different sites and the user experience has been great. Adding to this, Truein team is always reachable and quick to respond in case of any queries. All in all, it has been a great experience with Truein so far!

Compass Group Testimonial Cover Image

The Compass Group’s attendance system was inefficient in handling their staff attendance. One of their major challenges was tracking the attendance of their staff working for multiple clients on the same work premises. They also had to deal with frequent staff transfers. This led to a lack of transparency and revenue losses.
They were looking for a uniform attendance system across their facilities. They expected the system to offer them centralized controls and help them customize policies to manage their leaves, shifts, OT, etc.

Shriram Fortune Company Cover Image

The Shriram Fortune Group was looking for an attendance solution to manage their field and remote staff spread across the country through one centralized system. Truein Time and Attendance helped to nullify their pain areas by providing geo-fenced mobile attendance and centralized controls over multiple locations.

Vishal Mega Mart Testimonial Cover Image

Vishal Mega Mart, a unit of Vishal Retail Ltd., used biometric attendance systems and manual attendance across their stores. This led to mismanagement of attendance data and a lack of transparency. They also faced the problem of frequent staff transfers, which made it cumbersome to track attendance. They were looking to implement a uniform attendance system across their stores. They expected the solution to handle the staff transfer scenarios and provide them with real-time reports and customizable policies.

SJ Contracts Testimonial Cover Image

Girish Nimbalkar

AGM HR, SJ Contracts

Using a time and attendance system at our construction sites was a big challenge. Team Truein understood our requirements and promptly provided us with the required customization. Truein is an excellent solution. We have been using the Truein attendance system at our 22 sites since August 2018. We found Truein to be very user-friendly. Individual users can quickly generate the required reports irrespective of their location.

Bitwise Testimonial Cover Image

Vipin Joshi

AVP- Administration, Bitwise

We have been using Truein for a year now. It’s very user-friendly & can be customized as per our needs. The support of the service & technical team on any issues we faced has always been quick and excellent TAT. We can also manage our contract staff attendance very effortlessly & Truein is functioning smoothly!

Embassy Group Testimonial Cover Image

Avinash Patil​

Manager-Operations, Embassy Group

We have been using Truein Time and Attendance at Embassy Group. Very useful and user-friendly for Admin & Security team. Excellent support and quick response by the Truein support team.

Testimonial Cover Image of BHTC Company

Shrikaant Ghadgay

Assistant Manager – HR, BHTC

We are pleased with Truein Time and Attendance System. We get real-time data which has greatly eased our work of monitoring & data maintenance. It has saved our time in many ways. I would especially like to highlight their prompt response to all our queries.

Testimonial Cover Image of Pantheon Development

Pantheon was troubled with the issue of buddy punching. Truein, with its robust and accurate face attendance system, helped them solve this crisis.

Testimonial Cover image taking attendance in Kiosk App

Siddharth Thard

Managing Partner, Kadamba Tea

Truein has helped us get better control over the attendance of our staff. The geofencing feature works really well in this face-based attendance system.

Sandeep Das

Assistant Manager, SS Supply Chain Solution

This software is amazing, and if you want to know how AI works in attendance systems, I will say Truein is the best example. The team is also very supportive and cooperative. All the best for the future.

Evolution Ceramics Testimonial Cover Image

Vijay Kanani

Export Manager, Evolution Ceramics

We are really happy to use Truein. It’s very user-friendly, and we did not face any issues while setting it up.
Thank you very much for everything.

Gaurav Kumar Singh

Director, KKSEPL

We started using Truein’s attendance product for our Chhara and HURL Barauni construction sites to manage the attendance of our workers and staff. We found the system very user-friendly, and anyone could use it easily. The group attendance feature is beneficial and has drastically reduced the time we take for the attendance of our staff and workers. With Truein providing seamless integration and being user-friendly, we have already implemented it at our various sites. We currently manage the attendance of more than 1400 staff and workers at our different locations. The support team is also prompt and has been helping us with any issues we face.

PC Jeweller Testimonial Cover Image

Umesh Arya

Head IT, PC Jewellers

Previously, we used a standalone attendance system at various sites, due to which tracking and reconciling records at a central level was tedious and error-prone. Once we implemented Truein in August 2020, attendance management became hassle-free, and all the required reports were available with a single click. The rollout was smooth, and all our 60+ stores in the major geographical regions of India went live within 2-3 days. We have around 1500 staff now using Truein. The touchless technology brings a sense of safety, and our staff finds the system very user-friendly. We have also set up attendance policies like break-time, overtime, etc., as per our requirements. Monthly timesheets and reports are generated with automated calculations based on the policies. The team has been very supportive in guiding and helping us whenever needed.

Testimonial Cover Image of Godrej Company

Sandeep Deo

Sr. Manager HR Operations, Godrej

The covid pandemic made us switch to the new normal in many ways, and one of them was changing from a biometric attendance system to a touchless attendance system. We enquired with many vendors and suppliers for such attendance systems and finally opted for Truein – Touchless Face Recognition based Time and Attendance system for our Shindewadi plant. The system support, software, and product align with our needs and expectations. Thank you, Team Truein, for the support, and expecting a similar experience in the future.

Testimonial Cover Image of KAD

KAD was looking for a solution that offers them centralized control of staff attendance across their sites. Truein Time and Attendance, with its real-time view of attendance at multiple sites consolidated in a single platform, took care of their needs.

Cover image taking attendance by kiosk app

Anant K

Director, Xpertpack

We have been using Truein for 3 months now (as of Oct-2020), and it has helped us streamline our attendance and contractor operations in a big way. 1) We have close to 300 people spread across various locations. Geo tagging helps us see how many people are present and where in real-time.
2)Truein has enabled us to cut manual attendance cards and has automated overtime calculations, attendance, and shifts. After doing away with manual punching cards, we have been able to replace manual data entry points (300 people x 30 days x 2 in-out) with a system that is fool-proof and accurate. Truein offers customizable attendance policies and rules, so manual interventions are down to zero.
3) The key to success for any tech solution ultimately boils down to the support received from the solution provider; this is where the Truein team scores big. They have been with us every step of the way. The team is accommodative, receptive, and prompt. I would highly recommend Truein!

Testimonial Cover Image of Veejay Facility Management

Veejay Facility was looking to streamline time and attendance processes and optimize workforce utilization for its staff at multiple customer sites. For a distributed workforce like that of Veejay’s, Truein served as an ideal hardware-less face recognition based Time and Attendance solution. Veejay Facility achieved standardized time and attendance processes, fixed reconciliation issues, and won its customer's trust.

Testimonial Cover image taking attendance in Kiosk App

Supreet Kaur

Director, Healthy Minds

Truein implementation at Healthy Minds was a seamless process, and the user experience has been great. We can now effectively manage the attendance of all the staff at our bakery. The report formats are easy to download and read. Truein team has also helped in identifying the necessary hardware (mobile device) to enable kiosk operation. I would highly recommend Truein!

Cover image taking attendance by kiosk app

Vicky Hemdev

Director, Smart Payroll Group

We would highly recommend Truein not only for the beneficial software but also for the after-sales customer service, which has been top-notch. We are based out of the United Kingdom, and despite a time difference, the Truein team accommodated and customized the software as per our needs. They also followed up regularly and dealt with any issues promptly.
We found several other software in the market offering the same service, but the after-sales service differentiates this company from others. Truein has a touch-free login and logout system, a beneficial feature during the pandemic. Truein offers custom reports, which has been very useful for us. You can also remotely check the number of staff in and on breaks via the app, which is another convenient feature.

Testimonial Cover Image of UAPM

UAPM was looking for a solution to protect their organization from time frauds and improve their overall productivity. Truein Face and Attendance, with its geo fencing and random attendance audit feature, came to their rescue.

Arti Bhimani

Resourcing – Head, Daffodils Info Knowledge Solutions

1) It’s touchless
2) Time saving
3) All the data (check-in & check-out) of the staff is easily accessible
4) The exact location of our onsite staff can be viewed
5) Leaves and timing-related reports of the staff can be easily obtained
6) Prompt response to any queries

Testimonial Cover Image of Aum Dacro Coatings

Ekansh Chitlangia

Director, Aum Dacro Coatings

We started using the Truein attendance management system around seven months back. Initially, we had the system only at one of our plants, and now we are successfully running it in all four plants with a workforce of around 300. This cloud-based, touchless system offers various advantages over traditional attendance monitoring systems.
We are really happy with the support of the Truein team. They helped us overcome all the bottlenecks we faced with our previous attendance monitoring system.

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