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Contractual and Distributed workforce Time & Attendance has these age-old problems!
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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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With Truein's flexible shift management software, you can plan shifts in advance, schedule them faster, and save time

Caters to your Contractual and Distributed workforce working in regular or rotating shifts

Schedule Shifts Easily and Effectively

Truein's shift scheduling software simplifies shift rostering, allowing you to create effective schedules within minutes. The staff can view any changes or updates in the shift schedule through the app.

shift scheduling for entire organization or for each employee
Images showing TimeSheet

Allocate Shifts in Bulk or Individually

Staff scheduling software can allocate shifts bulk-wise or individually. Efficiently manage weekly varying shift schedules and changing number of staff in each shift.

Auto Allotment of Shift

Truein’s staff scheduling software enables shifts to get automatically allocated based on the In and Out time of the staff. No more manual staff scheduling.

Shift and Weekly Off Rostering
Automatic attendance data capturing

Manage Multiple Shift Patterns

With Truein, you can manage both rotating shifts and fixed shift patterns. Truein shift management software manages round-the-clock shifts. You can continue with a particular schedule for a week or month or choose a time frame as per your need.

Planned vs Actual Shift View

Web dashboards for admins to access and manage all shift-related information, check which staff is working on which shift, compare Planned vs Actual Shift, and optimize workforce utilization.

Sourcing Staff from Multiple Agencies
Automated attendance policies and reports

Multiple Customizable Shift-Related Policies

Truein offers multiple customizable policies when it comes to shifts. Set custom polices for early out, Late Entry, or Grace period based on in/out time. Admin approval required if staff clocks In after the grace period.

That's not all! Truein offers much more!

Multiple Custom Reports

Overtime Calculation

Real-Time Notifications


Clock In reminders

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Integration with Payroll HRMS

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Web dashboard

Offline Attendance

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