A humble beginning

We started way back in 2015.

Helping businesses to bring transparency and control in Attendance & Timesheets process
to improve workforce utilization and plug revenue leakages.
Designed in-depth for Contractual & Distributed staff use cases.

Trusted by 500+ Customers

The start of things

Founder Ankit Tanna and Jigar Pujara started Truein to address the pain areas in Time & Attendance management for contractual and remotely deployed staff.

In the course of his previous venture, Ankit happened to meet several of his customers and their Admin and HR leaders. During discussions, he learned about the pain areas in time and attendance management for contractual and remotely deployed staff.

As most of these staff were temporary and frequently changing, one common problem was registering them for attendance. Sometimes the staff directly reported at the worksite, and admins had to manually sync records across locations. He also noticed a lot of manual steps involved in Timesheets calculations for payroll. It was tedious and error-prone.

Existing attendance solutions were not centralized and foolproof. The problem multifolds when the staff is distributed across customer sites with different policies for each of these sites.

These problems directly impacted workforce productivity and also caused revenue leakages.

Journey to Solution

We embarked on this journey to fix the several issues for Contractual and Distributed workforce. We built Truein, a nextgen Time and Attendance solution for organizations with a low and medium skilled workforce. The solution leverages face recognition and AI technologies.
Truein brings transparency and control in the Time and Attendance process. It also helps to optimize workforce utilization and plug revenue leakages.







Companies with contractual staff have saved 37% of revenue leakages simply
by switching to new age Face recognition Time & Attendance.

Time & Attendance Solution for Contractual and Distributed Workforce

Mark attendance and check reports from any device

Anywhere and Instant

Runs on Mobile/tablet devices. Comes with Geofencing.

Track attendance of employees at multiple location

Multi-Sites & Centralized

Real-time view of multiple sites. Get transparency and controls.

Different attendance reports

70+ Customizable Policies

Policies as per Location or Staff category. Shift, Overtime, late marks, and more.

Payroll-ready Reports

Automated timesheets with final calculations for payroll processing.

Our Awards and Achievements

Truein Face recognition Time & Attendance Source Forge Award
Best ease of use badge from Capterra to truein for the year 2023

Our founders had over 10 years of tech experience in India, U.S.A and Singapore and they saw a big gap in the current visitor management system. They visited large multinationals who totally disappointed them right at the gate. From tedious and manual check-in processes to unimpressive front-end, they had not evolved in a long time.

There definitely existed a problem and we were all set to solve in the most futuristic way. Our first flagship product was Truein visitor management system. We introduced AI-based face-recognition systems for the first time to indian companies and the response was overwhelming. We had cracked the code at two levels – the system was secure and super fast. It was a ‘wow at first sight’.

In no time, we had entered the premises and hearts of some of the biggest organizations. However, we couldn’t stop at this. We kept evolving by keeping our ears to the ground. We listened intently to our customers and helped them solve challenges with new features. Soon enough we had 100+ features in our visitor management app.

We were all set to go a step further and we used our proprietary technology to launch Truein attendance, which also had 30+ features. With new applications for contract staff, remote workers and covid-safety, we are at the cutting-edge of innovation.

Core Values

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Our Founders, Investors and Advisors


Ankit Tanna

Founder and CEO

Jigar Pujara

Co-founder, Chief Customer Officer

Investors and Advisors


Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Prasanna Krishnamoorthy

Partner at Upekkha

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan

Thiyagarajan Maruthavanan

Partner at Upekkha

Dr. V. Premnath

Director, NCL Venture Center (Hon. Advisor)

Kishor Babaria

Kishor Babaria

MD, Datamart Systems Inc.

Our Offices



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