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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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Blog Banner of New Year Resolution For HRs in 2023

New Year Resolution For HRs in 2023

The workplace landscape has changed significantly since the pandemic hit. While the after-effects have subsided, there is a change in the expectation of workers. Employees now want better work-life balance, flexibility, and conducive company policies. As a result, HR managers must create a creative New Year resolution to accommodate such requirements.

In this article, we explore some key themes HRs must keep in mind when creating New Year’s resolutions for them.

1. Prevent employee burnout

Devise a plan to prevent employee burnout. It is becoming increasingly important that companies’ attendance policies allow workers to maintain a healthy work and life balance. If your company can enable workers to have a hybrid work model, it can bring much-needed flexibility.

A recent study found that companies that allow workers to work remotely have a 25% lower employee turnover rate than companies that don’t. Suppose you are in an industry such as construction, manufacturing, and automobile where the workforce cannot work remotely. In that case, you can plan rotating shifts to ensure workers are getting enough rest.

2. Increasing employee engagement

With silent resignation becoming a common phenomenon in companies, HR’s New Year’s resolution must include increasing employee engagement. Silent resignation is when workers stop putting in effort or willingly refuse to cooperate with the management.

There can be several reasons, but often poor employee engagement causes the issue. As part of your New Year’s resolution, you can introduce an employee recognition program that helps workers to feel more connected and appreciated.

It is essential that your workers feel valued and are aware of the contributions they make to the organization. It is necessary to avoid their identity crisis and keep them engaged.

3. Helping remote employees feel more connected

Due to the pandemic, many companies started supporting remote work. By 2022, many remote employees started reporting adverse effects on their productivity and mental well-being because they felt disconnected.

While work from the home environment has its perks, the isolation can result in workers feeling left out. One way HR managers can help remote employees feel more connected is by providing more opportunities for fun.

We are not referring to virtual happy hours but thoughtful and meaningful team-building activities such as casual meetings, constructive debates, and more. A recognition program can help with working teams feeling disconnected.

4. Give employees feedback regularly

This year make it a point to provide employees feedback regularly. It is essential to eradicate any confusion and lower anxiety among workers. When the management is not transparent about their performance, employees assume the worst, which can severely demotivate them and lower their productivity.

Providing regular performance feedback helps workers evaluate their output, and they can proactively take measures to correct their behavior.

5. Training employees who are not performing well

Often all it takes to bring employees back on track if they are lacking in productivity and performance is to provide opportunities for training. HR’s New Year resolutions should include a plan for training employees who are not performing well.

It is found that companies with employee training programs are twice as likely to retain workers compared to companies that do not invest in workers’ upskilling programs.

6. Promote a healthy work/life balance

The growth of companies often requires workers to work harder to support the increasing demand. However, productivity and revenue should come at a cost other than your workers’ work/life balance. HR managers are responsible for ensuring that workers are not exhausted physically or mentally and show compassion towards their challenges.

Make it your New Year’s resolution to promote a healthy work/life balance in your organization through policy change initiatives. Include workers during policy drafting to allow them a say in policies that will affect their life at work.

7. Review all the HR process

Another significant change you can bring this year is to ensure all the HR processes are transparent and there is no bias. You can achieve this by including multiple screening methods, structured interviews, and employee feedback programs.

You must set up open communication channels that solicit feedback from workers after their onboarding to assist their continuous improvement.

8. Automate the HR process and save time

This must be on your HR’s New Year resolution list. It’s 2023, and if you are still using Excel sheets or physical timesheets for HR processes and payroll, you are wasting a lot of time that could be invested in improving employee experience and productivity.

Truein is an excellent employee time and attendance management system that can automate several HR processes, saving a great deal of time and effort. It is a cloud-based, hardware-less attendance system that uses AI facial recognition technology to identify workers and record attendance. 

However, its real strength lies in the suite of HR features such as real-time attendance recording, leave management, overtime management, attendance policy management, attendance audit, automatic report generation, and easy integration with all major payroll software solutions. Schedule a demo today and see how the Truein attendance system works.


As an HR manager, it is ultimately your responsibility to help the management implement the vision for the organization while ensuring employees are included at every step. The HR New Year’s resolutions we have listed here can help you easily create a productive and growth-oriented environment for the workers.

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