Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Truein solved the issue of buddy punching
for Pantheon by the use of robust face attendance solution

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About Pantheon

Pantheon Development is the real estate marketing arm of Pantheon Group. 

Based out of UAE, Pantheon development operates across Asia, Middle East and Europe.

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Pantheon was using a fingerprint biometric system and access cards for their staff’s attendance. They were facing issues related to buddy punching. Secondly due to the rising pandemic situation they wanted to upgrade to an attendance system that is touchless and covid compliant.
The organization wanted a solution that could prevent the occurrence of buddy punching and also help them in saving their indirect expenses.


They implemented Truein Face attendance which helped to fix their pain points around attendance of their staff.

employee taking attendance with geo fencing or tagging
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Truein helped Pantheon by protecting them from buddy punching and also eradicated the scope of any manipulation.

Companies with contractual staff have
saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by
switching to new age Face Attendance system.

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