Go Touchless! Face is the new ID

A robust Face recognition attendance system for your Employees and Contract workers. Use Truein, an AI-powered leading solution in face attendance from last 4 years.

Mobile/tablet based attendance

You won’t need any complicated hardware. Configure Truein on any Android or iOS based device and you are good to go. The absolute touchless and germ-free way to sign in.

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Recognize Face with mask on

Truein runs AI-powered Face recognition technology, which provides practically 100% robust and accurate attendance. App can also screen for Face mask, identify people with any change of facial attributes like beard, specs etc.

Selfie based geo-fencing technology

Employees can mark attendance from their very own mobile phones. Our geo-fencing technology allows attendance only from approved locations. Perfect for contract workers, retail shop staff and on-the-go field employees.

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Automated attendance policies and reports

Set late marks, half day, overtime, shift timings and other policies right in the Truein system. Keep a close watch with real-time reports. Export detailed spreadsheets for compensation and other calculations.

Leave management

Employees can apply leave or managers can do it on their behalf. Approvals and notifications happen right within the Truein system. Our truly holistic attendance system syncs everything automatically so month-end calculations are a breeze.

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30+ built in features to automate attendance processes

  • Kiosk mode (Touchless)
  • Selfie attendance with Geo-fencing
  • Face Mask screening
  • Multiple In-Out
  • Roles and Access
  • Self Registration
  • Integration with HRMS/Payroll
  • GPS Location Capture
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Mobile app dashboard
  • Admin Dashboard (Web & Mobile)
  • Offline attendance
  • Shift Scheduling
  • Leave management
  • Reports and Analytics
  • Alerts & Notifications
  • Employee Directory
  • Regularization workflows
  • Govt ID capture
  • Print ID cards
  • Manage Contractor company
  • ESS (Employee self service)

Transparency and control in your Attendance process

Accurate Face Recognition - 3

Accurate Face Recognition

Recognize face with mask on. AI-powered robust solution


Mobile/Tablet based

Truein runs on any Android/iOS device. Geofencing option.

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Centralised Controls

Real time view of all sites. Multiple reports and Analytics.

Increase staff Productivity - 2

Increase staff Productivity

30+ automated policies designed to boost workforce productivity

50+ powerful yet easy to use features to streamline Staff Attendance

Truein advantage, Compare with others



Mobile based

Complicated hardware

AI powered high accuracy

Low accuracy

Touchless safe

User-centric & practical solution

Bulky solution

Get started in three easy steps

It takes less than a day to set up the entire attendance system end-to-end



Upload Records

The HR manager can upload organization-wide employee data in bulk using spreadsheets. 




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Register Face

Employees can upload one clear face picture from their very own mobile or at Truein Kiosk app.

Register Face

Employees can upload one clear face picture from their very own mobile through the Truein app.

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Take Attendance

Place a kiosk (tablet or mobile) device at the entrance. Employees simply walk towards it to trigger face recognition and record attendance. Alternatively, enable geo-fencing and let them take attendance from their phone. Easy!


200+ Customers trust us across India, GCC and APAC

Aman Rustagi, Sr. Manager – Administration, 1mg

Moving from a thumb based attendance system to an AI-based Face recognition solution was made easy by the Truein team... We have about 1000 staff at 5 different sites and the user experience has been great.

Priyanka Garg, HR Manager, DIT University

Despite the Covid pandemic the Truein App played a huge role in making attendance easy and safe. We switched from a Thumb biometric device to Truein. Our 400+ staff start each day with a “Selfie”!

Sandeep Deo, Sr. Manager HR Operations, Godrej Lawkim Motors

We enquired with many vendors and suppliers for Face recognition attendance product and finally we opted for Truein. The software and their support has always been inline with our needs and expectations.

Mahesh Babar, Senior Manager IT, WTC Mumbai

Truein is excellent and user friendly. Our Security team is easily managing approx. 1000 footfall every day. The product is commendable & the Truein support staff is also very helpful.

Kshitij Godbole, Deputy Manager, Aurangabad Electricals Ltd

Visitor entry has become hassle free.Most importantly this system is providing us with an intelligent dashboard, which were not available earlier. It gives us an overview of all the visitors present on campus on a real time basis.

Vipin Joshi, AVP-Administration,


Truein is very user friendly & can be customized as per our needs.The support & technical team has been always very quick and excellent.We are also effectively able to manage our contract staff attendance very effortlessly & it’s working fine.

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