PC jewellers made their retail stores safe with
touchless face attendance

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About PC Jewellers

PC Jewellers is a national retail player in the jewellery retail industry. Their flagship store is at Karol Bagh, Delhi. They started way back in 2005. With more than 91 stores across India, it has made a remarkable journey. Being the most reputed player in the hallmarked jewellery market, they stand for trust and high quality designs.

Previously, we were using a standalone attendance system at various sites. Tracking and reconciling records at a central level was tedious and error prone. Once we implemented the Truein Face recognition product in August 2020, things became hassle free and all the reports were available at a single click. The rollout was smooth and all our 60+ stores in the major geographical regions of India went live within 2-3 days.

We have around 1500 employees now using Truein. The touch-less technology brings a sense of safety and our staff find the system very user friendly. We have also set up attendance policies like break-time, extra hours etc as per our requirement. Monthly timesheets and reports are generated with automated calculations based on the policies.

The team has been very supportive in guiding and helping us out whenever the need arose.

Umesh Arya

Head IT


Before the pandemic hit the world, PC Jewellers was using a mix of attendance systems. Larger stores had thumb based attendance, while smaller stores were maintaining manual entries. There was no way to sync records at national level, leading to lack of transparency.

Besides, with the pandemic hitting hard it was essential to implement the highest level of safety and bring back employees to work.

They wanted to bring in touchless technology to overcome following challenges:


They implemented Truein attendance in record time across stores to avert the pandemic induced challenges.

employee taking attendance with geo fencing or tagging
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Truein made it possible to implement a cost-effective, safe and tech-forward solution across locations without cost or time barriers.

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