Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Truein eliminated proxy attendance
& traceability issues at SJ Contracts

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About SJ Contracts

SJ Contracts is a name the construction company reckons with. They  provide solution-based construction services that add value to industrial, commercial and residential construction projects. Established in Pune since 1990, they have nearly 24 active sites and new locations are added from time to time. Apart from the office staff, they deal with a lot of unorganized sector labour.

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Girish Nimbalkar

Girish Nimbalkar


SJ Contracts

Using a face attendance system at construction sites was a big challenge. Team

Truein calmly understood our requirement and provided required customization

too. Truein is an excellent solution.
As on date (Aug-2018) we are using Truein attendance system at our 22 sites. We found that Truein is more user friendly and easy to use. The required reports are also generated by the individual users irrespective of his location.


SJ contracts was using a card swipe system along with paper-pen manual syncs for attendance. For a long time they suffered with proxy attendance done by co-workers for each other. Also, the system did not give real-time reports for various sites on one central location.

They wanted to use tech in a way that there was traceability and transparency:


They implemented Truein attendance and benefited from the 30+ in-built features.

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Truein turned the manual and card based system into one holistic face recognition based attendance, solving their issues at multiple levels.

Companies with contractual staff have
saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by switching
to new age Face recognition Time & Attendance.

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