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Contractual and Distributed workforce Time & Attendance has these age-old problems!
Find out how to solve them.
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250+ customer across the globe trust Truein
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Advanced Time Attendance Software for Accurate, Efficient, and Compliant Employee Time Tracking

Designed for Contractual and Distributed Workforce in Dubai, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and other the Middle Eastern regions.

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Features of Truein's Time and Attendance Management Software

Automated Timesheet Generation

Eliminate manual timesheet creation and errors with our payroll integrated time tracking software. Truein automatically tracks work hours, breaks (including prayer breaks), and overtime, simplifying payroll processing and saving HR time.

Automatic attendance data capturing
Attendance Dashboard of Distributed Stores are Across Cities

Multiple In/Out Tracking

Track multiple clock-ins and clock-outs throughout the day. Truein's Staff Clock In and Out system ensures all employee movements are accurately recorded and easily accessible. making it easier to track employee activities and reduce instances of time theft.

Break Time Compliance

Truein’s break time calculator ensures fair and consistent break time deductions from working hours, adherence to regional prayer times, and other break time compliance for accurate productive hours count.

shift scheduling for entire organization or for each employee

Flexible Shift Scheduling

Create, adjust, and optimize complex shift schedules with ease. Truein accommodates various shift patterns, including rotations, weekends off, last-minute changes, and local holidays.

Leave Management

Handle leave requests, approvals, and tracking efficiently. With our employee leave management software, enforce leave policies and streamline the leave management process, providing clear visibility into employee availability and reducing administrative burden.

Sourcing Staff from Multiple Agencies

Real-Time Attendance Reports

Gain instant insights into your workforce’s attendance patterns and trends across sites. Treuin’s real-time attendance reports provide comprehensive data on employee presence, breaks, overtime, absences, and project time, allowing for informed decision-making.

Accurate and Reliable Automated Time Tracking

Utilize Face Recognition Geofence time clocking for employees to prevent buddy punching and unauthorized clock-ins. Allow employees to clock in using their mobile devices or use a dedicated kiosk for consistent and accurate time tracking.

Accurate Attendance Capture
Automated attendance policies and reports

Ensures Compliance with Labor Laws

Avoid the risk of legal issues and fines and ensure your business remains compliant with labor laws, Truein is designed to comply with local labor laws and regulations in the Middle East and GCC regions.

Trusted by 500+ Customers

Companies with contractual staff have saved 37% of revenue leakages simply by switching to new age Time and Attendance Software.

Frequently Asked Questions

Truein seamlessly integrates with any 3rd party HR/payroll software via API integration.
We have already integrated with all top Payroll/ HRMS software including Quickbooks, ADP, ZOHO, and others. you can get daily, and monthly attendance reports directly from the app in a format of your choice.

Yes, Truein can seamlessly track multiple types of leave including sick leave, vacation, and maternity leave. The staff can have full or half-day leaves or even time off for a few hours, in case they need to arrive late or leave early. You can set different leave policies based on site location or staff categories too.

Yes, Truein allows one to track time against a specific job. You can also get the detailed report for which employees in working on which job, total hours spent on the job, hours spent by staff on specific job etc.,

Yes, Truein’s detailed analytics and reports can instantly transform your raw workforce attendance data into insightful reports and dashboards. You can get daily or monthly attendance reports of multiple sites, Work hours, attendance patterns, trends, job/project time spent, and other specific reports based on your organization’s requirement

Yes, Worker can mark their attendance through their own mobile using the Truein user app. They can also use the app to apply for leave, regularize attendance, request shift change, and view their attendance and leave requests.

Truein's enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure with stringent security and privacy protocols ensures the security of your data. The encryption of sensitive data and high-grade password policies offers protection and prevents unauthorized personnel from accessing your data.

Truein is a highly customizable solution that can easily meet your organization's time and attendance needs. You get 70+ customizable policies to comply with local labor law and organizational policies. You can customize these policies on the site, staff category, location, and even contractor level. You also get various report formats, and customization options to align with your organization's specific needs.

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