Aman Rustagi

Aman Rustagi

Sr. Admin Manager

Moving from a thumb-based attendance system to a Face recognition based time and attendance solution was made easy by the Truein team. We have about 2000 staff at 10 different sites and the user experience has been great.

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Truein safeguarded UAPM from Time theft
by the use of Geo fencing and random attendance audits

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About UAPM

Unified Asset & Property Management (UAPM) is a property management company based in Riyadh, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA), with two regional offices in Dammam and Al-Qassim. 

In addition, UAPM has allied with facility management companies and service providers.

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UAPM faced significant challenges in tracking the attendance of its staff working in multiple shifts. Their staff was distributed across 45 sites in KSA. 

They wanted to ensure their staff remained at their job sites once they punched in and left only during the breaks. Secondly, they wanted an accurate and automated attendance system, as manual attendance tracking was making payroll calculations difficult.

They were looking for a solution that could bring transparency and traceability.

They expected the attendance solution to:


UAPM implemented face recognition based Truein Time and Attendance, which helped fix their pain points around the attendance of their staff. Truein offered:

employee taking attendance with geo fencing or tagging
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Truein brought transparency on multiple levels in the organization and removed potential time frauds.

Companies with contractual staff have
saved 37% of revenue leakages
simply by switching
to new age
Face recognition Time & Attendance

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