Can I setup a reporting hierarchy?

Yes, Each organization has its own hierarchy and the Truein system makes it extremely easy to set those reporting structures.

To view various roles and their respective access in the system ,Select “View Roles” in Employee Directory on Web Dashboard.


For Example:
Staff: Can only view their own attendance
Manager: Can view and manage his/her reporting employees’ attendance.
Site Admin L2: Can view and manage all employees’ attendance. Can raise requests for regularization of all employees which needs to be approved by admin
Site Admin: Has the complete view and edit rights for the entire organization

Go to the Employee Directory, edit employees and select role.It can be done via two ways

1. The bulk method:
– Go to Employee Directory > Bulk Edit > Download the excel
– Update the role in Access Details section > Employee Role column

2. Update employees one by one:
– Go to Web Dashboard > Employee Directory > Action > Edit employee
– Go to Access Details section > Role > Select the required field