What all leave related options are available for admin/manager ?

Users with Admins/Manager roles can view and perform the below actions from the web dashboard.


  • View and Manage Allotted leaves

Admins/Managers can view alloted leaves as per the policy to all staff, and allot additional leaves as required from here.




  • View Leaves history for individual staff

Click on the Staff name to view the allotted and used leave history for individual staff.



Admins can download leave transaction details from the Reports section. It can be downloaded for individual staff or for all staff, for a specified time period (monthly/annually etc)


  • Approve Staff Leaves

Admins/Managers can approve or reject leaves applied by staff from Leaves Approval section.





  • View Leave Calendar




  • Apply Leaves on behalf of staff

Admins/Managers can apply for leave on behalf of their staff. These leaves will be auto-approved.