Can we setup a consent for staff before face registration from the Kiosk device?

Yes, we can set up consent for the staff before face registration through the Kiosk device.

Please refer to the below steps on how to set it up.

Log in to the Admin web dashboard > Go to Settings > Kiosk Devices > Click on the ‘Kiosk Settings’ icon > Other Settings > Click on the check box “Face Recognition consent” to enable the same > Save






Once this functionality is enabled, when an employee or staff register their faces for the first time from the Kiosk Device they will get a pop up consent for the same.




Once the consent is accepted, the employee will be able to proceed with registering their face by clicking an onboarding photo.

You can check the status of the “Face Consent” from the Staff Directory.



If you want to reinitiate the consent, you can do that from Staff Directory > You will find the ‘reinitiate face registration consent’ icon by the accepted/rejected status under the ‘Face Consent’ column > Click on “Yes, Reinitiate Consent!”