How to setup Kiosk App?

The kiosk app is set up on a standalone device like a tablet or supervisor’s phone. It works on any Android or iOS device.

Please check device specs for the supported devices specifications:


Please follow the below steps to set up the kiosk app and register face via the Kiosk App.

If you have not installed Kiosk App then follow Steps 1 to 3, else directly go to Step 4.


Step 1 – Adding KIOSK Device on Dashboard. Get Activation key
Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Kiosk Devices -> Add KIOSK  -> Get Activation Key


Step 2 – Download the App


Step 3 – Enter Activation Key
















Step 4: Register Staff Face (For pending staff)

If the staff’s baseline face is not registered, then they will appear in the Incomplete list. Complete the face registration of staff by clicking their name. You can search staff by their name, emp id, or date of birth.


Click on three dots on top right corner > Go to Staff List > Select Staff (by name or emp id) and Take a clear picture




Once the staff’s face is registered, they can do Clock In / Clock Out from the home screen.


Other functions available in the Kiosk are as below. These functions can be enabled or disabled by admins from the web dashboard kiosk settings.
– Staff List: You can Add new staff from the kiosk. enter their personal and work details, take a clear picture of their face, and complete add staff. You will see all staff uploaded via the web dashboard in the staff list.

– Add a contractor agency from the kiosk. It will be enabled if the admin has granted access to this feature from the kiosk app.

– Offline mode: If the internet is not available you can still continue taking attendance (clock in / out) via kiosk. All the photos will be stored in the kiosk and will be synced to the server when the internet is available. You can find the offline sync details in the offline sync section in a kiosk.

– Raise Query to your HR/Admin: You can raise a query to your Manager/HR admin from Help and Support in the kiosk.

The kiosk works in Touch and Touchless mode. You can also configure kiosks to do only Clock in or only Clock out. Go to Settings and Select Mode for the same.
You can sync server configuration manually by clicking “Sync Kiosk” in the Settings section.