How to setup Jobs/Projects?

Jobs are specific work that you can create and assign to your staff and then analyze the time spent on each job.


You can create jobs from workforce plan -> Job Policy -> Add new job 





Setup policies and other parameters on the job

  • You can set policies for each job and map the job against specific KIOSK, in this case, the mapped jobs will be visible on Kiosk during clock-in
  • The manager can also be assigned to each kind of Job.
  • If you want the job to expire after a defined timeline, then you can also set the expiry date while configuring the job.
  • The jobs can also be mapped with the category of staff and a default job can also be assigned from Staff Directory -> SelectStaff -> Work -> Edit -> Job

Currently, you cannot upload jobs in bulk and cannot apply backdated updates on jobs like setting up policies from a backdated value.