What will happen if my staff forgets to clock out? (Forgot out/Auto out policy)


In case your staff forgot to clock out after their regular working hours you can set up a policy that either marks that day’s time card as Forgot out OR you can set up a policy to mark it as Auto out.


When to set policy as Forgot out

  • In case you want staff to manually update clock-out time which then goes for Manager/Admin approval, then set policy as forgot out.
  • The system will not mark any out-time in this case. It will be the responsibility of staff or manager/admin to update clock-out time to reflect the worked hours.
  • If out time is not updated, the days worked hours will be marked as 0 and won’t be considered as Present in Timesheets.


When to set policy as auto-out

  • In case you want to system to mark out time automatically in case of a missed clock-out after predefined hours, then set the policy as Auto-out.
  • In this case, working hours will be considered as defined regular hours, and staff or admin/manager can skip to update clock-out time manually.

Go to Settings > Policy > Add/Update P25: When Staff forgets to Clock Out policy.

Select X value as no. of hours after which you want staff to be marked as Forgot-Out or Auto-out.

Select Y value as ‘Forgot out’ or ‘Out’.