How to setup Leave Module on new site?

Every organization has its own leave policies. You can setup your entire leave management in Truein leave module as below


If your organization has different leave policies for different categories of staff then follow Step 1.1 and 1.2 else skip it

For e.g Permanent staff is eligible for 12 Casual leaves in a year; Intern staff is eligible for 6 Casual leaves and Temporary staff is not eligible for any Casual leave

Step 1.1: Setup Categories (Optional)


Step 1.2: Assign Categories to staff (Optional)

  • Assign one by one via Edit staff.

Go to Staff Directory > Edit Staff > Work tab > Update using ‘Staff Category’ Dropdown


  • Bulk assign via Bulk Edit

Go to Staff Directory > Click on Bulk Edit icon > Download Excel > Update ‘Staff Category’ Column and Upload



Step 2: Define leave types

You can define your company specific leave types like Privilege Leave/Casual Leave/Sick Leave etc.

Please check the link for its setup:



Step 3: Define leave policies

You can define leave policies for each leave type like e.g.

– Privilege Leave for permanent staff is 12 per year which will be alloted on monthly basis after staff completes 180 days of service, sandwich rule will be applied, X no. of PL can be carry forward to next year

– Privilege Leave is not entitled for temporary staff and interns


Please check the link for its setup:



Step 4: Allot leave balance to staff

4.1 For Existing Staff in Truein (before leave policy is setup) :

Allot/Grant leaves manually to existing staff one by one or in bulk after leave policies are setup.

Please check the link for its setup:


4.2 For new staff added after Leave policy is setup

Leave will be auto assigned based on the leave policy. Admin can manually update it as mentioned in step 4.1