How to setup a leave structure where the Admin allocates the leaves to staff?

If you have employees with different leave structures and want only the Admin to be able to allocate the different types of leave/vacation days annually, please follow the below steps for the same:

Step 1: Create Leave categories
Go to settings > Org Field > Leave Category > Here you can add the different leave categories



Step 2: Assign the leave categories to the staff
You can do this one by one, or through Bulk Edit


Staff Directory > Search for the staff whole leave category you want to add/edit > Click on the three dots in the action column > Edit > Under the ‘Work’ tab you will find Leave/Time off category > Add the necessary details > Save



Bulk Edit:
Go to Staff Directory > Bulk Upload > Bulk Edit – Existing Staff > While downloading the Excel sheet please select ‘Leave Category’ under the ‘Work’ section > Now you can assign the different leave categories according to your setup



Step 3: Update the Leave categories
Go to Leaves > Setup Leaves > Leave Policies > Add/Edit > Here you can select the ‘Leave Category’ for whom the leave type is applicable > Save




Once the Leave types are updated, the leaves will be allocated accordingly.


Now if you don’t want the system to automatically allot the leaves to the staff, you can set the ‘No. of leaves (days)’ value as 0.



If an employee wants to apply for leave, they will have to request the Admin, the Admin can allot them the leave according to the “Leave category”


They can go to Leaves > Manage Leaves > Allot Leaves > Allot Leaves for single staff > Here they can select the staff for whom they want to allot leaves.



Once the leaves are alloted the staff will be able to apply for the same.