What different attendance modes are available in Truein for touch less attendance?

Truein provides multiple modes to capture attendance in kiosk device. Based on organization needs any of the below mode can be setup

Auto In-Out mode : When this mode is set, employees’ first face scan will be marked as IN and the next face scan will be marked as OUT.
System will mark OUT only when the next face scan is after 5 mins. If the next face scan is done within 5 mins, the system will consider it as Already IN. This is done to ensure the employee is not showing face again by mistake when he might be standing near the device.

IN Mode, OUT Mode : If the organization has separate entry and exit, then they can set up a device at the entrance in IN mode and device at the exit in OUT mode.
Server side mode : In server side mode, an admin can define the allowable hours for ‘in-time’. Any punching done outside the limits will considered as ‘out-time’
Go to Settings > attendance settings > attendance time settings to set it up