How do you add staff members one by one?

You can add staff one by one through the Web Dashboard. 

In Truein Web Dashboard:

Web Dashboard > Staff Directory > Add Staff (User) > Enter Staff Personal Details > Click Next > Enter Staff Employment Details > Click Next > Enter Staff Access Details > Click Next > Select Role > Click Add




Fill the form out as per the below instructions

A) Personal details section

  • The personal details section is pre-defined  
  • The mandatory field is the name
  • If you need to give mobile app access then a mobile number or email id is required.
  • The rest of the fields are optional.


B) Work details section

These fields are not mandatory. However, they have some key features like assigning managers so that managers can view the timesheets of their reportees in the dashboard.

Note: Designation, department and category fields can be defined by going to Settings > Org Fields


C) Access section

– Set up the role for your staff as per the required hierarchy.

– If you want staff to use their own mobile to mark Clock In, then tick “Truein user app access” and “Allow attendance from user app” options.

–  Enable Geo-fencing by enabling the “Only at approved locations” option, if required.

– Click Save