What options are available on Dashboard home page?

On the Home page, you will find graphical trends related to attendance that you can filter based on departments, managers, dates, etc.

We have pending actions where the user will receive action notifications to be answered. Some quick links to leave, shifts, contractor agency, geofencing, etc.



Day Tab – 

On the Day tab, you will have a view of the day-wise attendance which you can filter from the top. You can select the staff and view the detailed clock in/out (attendance) of the staff. That shows his multiple In/Out, Timesheet, Calendar, Jobs, Shifts, Approvals, and other punch details




Timesheet View – 

The timesheet view shows the calendar-wise view of all the staff attendance.

On top, you can filter based on date, site, staff category, shift, manager, etc.

To view detailed attendance on any day, you need to click on any day and you will get the required view. Inside that you will find the details like In/Out Time, worked hours, regular hours, overtime, break time, etc.

Also, you can approve, regularize, and take other actions on the time card. 



All Staff Timesheet view



Individual Staff Timesheet view





The global View tab is to view the summary of all sites at one place which is helpful in case of a multi-site setup. This access is limited to Global Admin and they can see the overview of all sites from this tab.