Will I get any indication if my staff works on week-off or holidays ? (Weekly off and Holiday policies)


Admins can set policies to track if any staff clocks in (marks attendance) on a weekly off or a public holiday. It can be done as follows


Setup up Weekly off or Holiday clock in policy

Admins need to enable the policy from Settings > Policies > Click on Add new policy > Search “weekly off” or Search “holiday” > list of all related policies will be displayed > Select and enable as required

We have two ways to set it up – either apply a common rule or define it for each category of staff.

There are certain pre-defined policies like

  • If staff clocks in on a weekly off or holiday, then worked hours will be added to overtime.
  • Add Comp Off for working on Weekly Off or Holidays
  • Sandwich policy for Weekly Off and Public holiday


Set up policies at the organization/site level or staff category level

When the policy is enabled, choose if you want to enable it at the site level, staff category level, or shift level


Enable approval policy

If working on a weekly off or holiday requires approval then enable policy P51: Attendance approval for working on Weekly Off or Holiday

Once this policy is enabled all clock-ins/attendance done by staff on weekly-off or holidays will require Manager/Admin approval. It will appear in ‘Alerts & Approvals’ section.