What is pay rate structure? How to set up a pay rate structure for my organization?

Admins can now set up a payroll structure with earnings and deductions components to get net pay details at the end of the month for each staff member.
They can define the structure based on the category of staff as well as contractor agency.
It will be reflected in the R1 Timesheet report with earnings, deductions, and net pay based on the assigned payroll structure to the staff.


Steps to set up pay rate structure

Please follow the below steps to set up the Pay Rate Structure

Step 1: Define contractor agencies from Settings -> Contract Agencies

Step 2: Assign this agency to all staff using bulk upload / bulk edit.
Staff Directory -> Bulk Edit -> Choose ‘Contractor Agency’ under ‘work’ while downloading the file -> Assign the agency to add staff -> Upload the file

Step 3: Create categories for staff and assign categories using bulk upload / bulk edit

Step 4: Create a pay rate structure based on staff category and required contractor agency

Now staff pay rate will be calculated as per the assigned pay rate structure.